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Easy Last Minute Appetizer & Gifts for Mom

Recently I had a couple of situations when I needed to make an appetizer for a party or event. The ask came up last minute, and so I needed to scramble to find something that would be quick and easy.  I have two quickies for you. Sandwiched between the recipes, I figured that some of you may still have some shopping to do for your mom. I have a few affordable wine gifts for your last minute Mother’s Day shopping.

Easy Appetizer: Velveeta Sausage Dip

I am sure that everyone has seen a recipe like this one. My sister really likes to make this when we have a Mexican Food Fiesta at her home.

Hers is a three-ingredient recipe. I added a fourth ingredient because, well I can never leave well enough alone. I added fresh Mexican chorizo to the sausage to give the meat a more authentic Mexican flavor. Just breakfast sausage is good, but this turned out fantastic.appetizer

These are all items that I keep in my pantry or freezer so I can pull it together at a moments notice.



16 oz. package Breakfast Pork Sausage, cooked and drained (Mild or Spicy is your preference)
1 link Olé Mexican Foods, Chorizo, removed from casing and cooked and drained with sausage above
32 oz. box Velveeta, cubed into 1-inch pieces
10 oz. can Ro-Tel Original Diced Tomatoes and Green Chilies, with juice



I use a crockpot because I like the way it heats and keeps it hot when serving. You can do this all in a microwave to get it ready faster, but it will congeal if you do not keep it warm. You can always melt it in the microwave and then use your plugged-in crockpot on low to serve.

Cook both sausages in a skillet or dutch oven on your stovetop until cooked and slightly caramelized. Drain in a colander over the sink. Set aside.appetizer

Turn on your crockpot to high. Place the Velveeta pieces in the bottom of your crockpot, add the drained sausage combo, and the Ro-Tels.




Stir to blend. Put on the lid and allow 30-40 minutes for the Velveeta to melt. Stir occasionally to get an even melt.

Serve this appetizer with Tortilla chips. Keep heated in the crockpot on low.


Download Recipe Here:  Velveeta Sausage Dip

Last Minute Affordable, Fun Wine Gifts
for Mom on Mother’s Day

You still have time to get a special something for mom. Here are some wine related gift ideas from my favorite store Amazon.

This Funny Mom Juice Wine Glass, 17oz is a stitch! and it’s only $16.95.

OMG, this one is a classic.  I cannot tell you how many times my mom used this line on me.  “I’ve Had It Up To Here” Wine Glass, 20 Oz. $14.95


If your mom is a serious wine enthusiast and reader, then this book is for her. This is a fun, and fantastic read as this journalist goes on an amazing one year journey to become a sommelier. I read Cork Dork last summer.  Three words. “Fa. Law. Less.”  $11.55 in Paperback

Cork Dork: A Wine-Fueled Adventure Among the Obsessive Sommeliers, Big Bottle Hunters, and Rogue Scientists Who Taught Me to Live for Taste




Wine in the bathtub? Absolutely. This wine glass caddy is the perfect gift. Add candles, and your mom will be all set for the perfect bath. Add wine of course. This SipCaddy Bath & Shower Suction Cup Wine Glass Holder, Clear is only $13.95

Classic Sun Readers

Check out these Classic Sun Readers from Blue Planet Eyewear. I have them and love them. Perfect for outdoor summer reading. They come in six colors with reader strength from 1.25 to 3.00 in quarter strength increments. Temples are natural bamboo. This style is the most popular sun reader and sells for $30.00 a pair. But I have a 20% off Code for you. CoffeetoWine20 Here is the link to these great glasses.

sunglass readers

Other styles are on their website as well as a few on my post from last week.

Super Fast Appetizer: Microwaved Bacon-wrapped Dates

I love dates and always have some in the fridge. And precooked bacon, well that is a given and is always in my fridge as well. This appetizer can be made and ready to go in about 15 minutes from start to finish.


Dates, pitted
Precooked Bacon, cut in half
Bleu Cheese Crumble, optional






I provide no quantities because that depends on how many you need. Wrap a single pitted date with a half slice of precooked bacon and skewer with a toothpick. Set on a microwaveable plate or serving dish.

When you have made the amount you need cook in your microwave for at least 60-90 seconds or until the bacon is at your desired crispness.


Sprinkle with optional bleu cheese if you wish and serve.

Download Recipe Here: Microwaved Bacon-wrapped Dates



  1. Oh buddy that Velveeta sausage dip was a total HIT in my last reunion with my fellows.
    Has anybody tried the cup glass holder? I so want it to buy it for me! Forget my sober mom. But I would not like an broken glass while in my bathtub …

  2. Velveeta Sausage Dip is so cool. My mom will totally love it. I have got Sun Readers and yes it’s amazing.

  3. Those Sun Readers are genius. Why didn’t I think of those?

  4. Dinah

    It’s breakfast and all I can think about is the Velveeta sausage dip!

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