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Wine Tastings – Virtual, In-Person & Hybrid – Our Home or Yours?

We do wine tastings with a touch of education. They can be private for just you and your group of friends, your co-workers, or even a corporate event. Or you can join one of the many events I host with folks from all over the country.

Anne Hubatch, proprietor, winemaker, and all-around wine wonder woman making delicious wine from Oregon and Washington out of her urban winery in Portland Oregon.

Wine tastings

In-Person and Virtual

Signature Wine Tastings In Our Home:

Invitation-only, small group tasting events for folks who love quality boutique wine from DTC wineries but wish to taste it before they buy. These tastings are buying opportunities.

My Signature Tastings are for the lover of small-batch, hand-crafted, premium wines that are not available through local distribution channels and therefore only available direct from the winery to the consumer. I select the winery from my relationships with wineries around the country that make and sell some of the best wines in their region. These wines are traditionally only available to taste in their local tasting rooms. But now I can bring these wines to you. Taste with me at a private event but buy direct from the winery.


Educational Wine Tastings

are Invitation-only as well.

In February 2022,  I am launching a series of in-person wine classes (virtual is in development). Some classes will be for those who wish to up their knowledge so they can make better choices when selecting and buying wine. Other classes will be for anyone that wishes to broaden their palate and have fun exploring the art and science of wine. Some examples that I plan to include are 1) Vertical Tastings, 2) Blind Tasting Price, 3) Lesser-known Wines, 4) Pinot Noir from around the World, etc.  At the bottom of this post lists what I have coming up.  All of my events are private and invitation-only so if you want to attend you need to reach out to start getting invitations.

Want to host a Private, In-Person, or Virtual

Wine Event for you and your guests?

This is just Gary and me, you and your guests. We sip, we pair with food, maybe we learn a thing or two. We also laugh and have some fun while we enjoy some excellent wine.

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