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Concierge Wine Services

Your Concierge (Personal)
Wine Shopper

Concierge Wine Services takes the headache out of buying wine.

  • Are you overpaying for mediocre, mass-market wine from the grocery store, big-box store, or chain store that essentially private labels most of their inventory?
  • Do you hate shopping for wine?
  • Do you just wander the aisles looking for a label you may recognize or, worse yet, a label that is pretty?
  • Are there enough hours in your day to go wine shopping?

Our concierge and consulting service may be for you.

Let us take this task off of your “to-do” list by understanding your palate, sourcing, shopping, and delivering or shipping your favorite wines right to your door.

Concierge Services: How it Works

Once I have an understanding of your wine budget, preferences, etc., I shop for you and deliver the wine to your door.  But here is the best part – You only pay what I pay for the wine. There is no markup. And since I have negotiated prices that are lower than retail SRP, you save money.  At the end of the quarter, you will have spent less and saved time. But most importantly you will drink wine that you like. You get to try new wines. And no wine is EVER picked because of a pretty label.

To Get Started

We have a chat to get a better understanding of the type, style, price point, etc., of the wines you typically drink. We look at the number of bottles you will drink in an average week. I ask about your favorite all-around wines and your splurge wines, and I take it from there. You decide how often you want deliveries. Pay the first quarter membership fee. I pull together your first delivery, and off we go…Concierge


Please Download an Application to complete.  Once you are done. Take a picture of it with your phone and email or text it to me: 2022 Concierge Membership Application