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Category: The Munch

The Munch is all about the things I make, bake, create and cook.  Sometimes it is a simple little thing and other times a complete meal.  If it’s worth making it is worth sharing.

Costco Appetizer Upgraded Creations

Zhuzhing up Basic Costco Buys Costco is my favorite store. Yes, we are a household of two, but I can not imagine not shopping there. I especially like shopping at Costco because they have some products that can easily turn into something even better than what they intended. And these products save me lots of time. For example, I often make the food pairings for our wine tastings from Costco buys.  Below are several creations that I have made that are now fan-favorites. I created the first two appetizers for the recent Pedroncelli Wine Tasting I hosted last Thursday. These…


Kings Hawaiian Custard Casserole

A couple of weeks back, I made a French Toast Casserole for brunch. It was well received and delicious, but I, personally, was hoping for a much creamier custard center that just never materialized with this recipe. As I ate it, I kept thinking about what would give me the custard quality I desired. I knew it was the “bread,” and then that light bulb in my head appeared when I thought Kings Hawaiian rolls! Let me just say I could not get this idea out of my head, so even though I just posted the French Toast Casserole in…

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Bistronomy by Nico – Born from Pandemic

Charleston has a new french bistro and it’s a great new addition to our food scene. I have been twice and can not wait to go back. It’s called Bistronomy by Nico. There is a story behind it, so indulge me. After you read this make your reservation. We all know that the pandemic has wreaked havoc on families and businesses across this country.  Hundreds of thousands have died, millions sick, and businesses everywhere have closed – many for good. Restaurants and bars have been hit especially hard due to the social and sharing nature of those businesses. With time…


French Toast Casserole

We recently had a few folks over for brunch. I made three things that you have to know about.  The first is this incredibly easy French Toast Casserole. So simple and so delicious. Crispy top with soft, pillowy custard center.  You have to try this sometime. But the two others are also fabulous. I did not do anything different than the recipe called for, so here are links to the recipes.  I baked my scrambled eggs. OMG – they were the best. The fluffiest eggs I have EVER had. And I used a copycat recipe to make my ham taste…

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Noodle Kugel with Cherries

My love for noodle kugel comes from many a dinner with our Jewish friends when Gary and I lived in Chicago. Although I am not a believer in organized religion, I have always had an affinity for one of the Jewish holiday traditions – Passover Seder.  The story told at dinner so resonates with me. Fast forward to my Ancestry DNA test, and I learned that I have almost 30% Eastern European Jewish DNA.  I know what? How can Jewish be in DNA when it is a religion and a culture?  Well, I wondered that myself.  And this is what…

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Pizza – Crispy Cheesy Pan Pizza

Our friend Shawn started making this pizza in June. He has made it at least three times since. How do I know? I check his Instagram. So on a Zoom call with a few friends a couple of weeks ago, we all decided to make this pizza on the same day and enjoy it together on our next Zoom in two weeks. That was last Thursday. It was such a fun way to Zoom with friends. If you are on social media, I can’t imagine that you have not seen this recipe. But just in case here it is. That…

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Pork Tenderloin Salad – Island Style

Remember that recipe that triggered a manifestation of my Covid stress for my family to witness? Well, this is the recipe. This salad is a favorite of two of my sisters, and for a while, they made it all the time. It is now on a reasonable rotation. Island Pork Tenderloin Salad has several parts that happen at the same time. It is best if you make this when there are others around to help. Divide and conquer as they say. One person prepares the pork tenderloin, and another makes the salad. It is not uncommon for three people to…

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Virtual Tasting * Spreads to Pair

I have several folks in my sphere in healthcare and public health that are telling us to settle in. That this virus is not going anywhere for at least a year, but if the ‘rona is going to continue to be in our lives so that we need to mask and distance for a year, we will definitely need more wine, and I believe you will as well. That is why I am committed to finding more wineries to partner with us and do more virtual tastings. And that is why I am reaching out to encourage you to participate.…

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