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Social media is not for everyone. I get that. I dropped Twitter because it made no sense to me -144 characters and then 250? Nope. I reduced any Facebook activity to following a few friends, most of whom are also wine writers. I got tired of NOT seeing my friends’ posts. Tried and dumped Clubhouse after a few days – Talk about boring – listening to nobody’s talk ad nauseam -nope!  And I have avoided Tiktok because I don’t see it used for business. Where I focus my social media “attention” is Instagram. “Focus” is a strong word in that I post two or three times a week. I like it because it is image- and video-focused, which is my wheelhouse. But as more people avoid all social media, I decided to do a periodic post – On the Socials: WsIMG. It’s what we are excited about drinking.

On The Socials - WsIMG

On The Socials – WsIMG

Ponzi Vineyards 2016 Madrona Single Vineyard Pinot Noir

I brought this bottle of Pinot Noir back in 2019. It was a splurge purchase because I typically do not spend anywhere near $125.00 on a bottle of wine. But I had just spent several hours at the Ponzi Vineyards during the Willamette Valley Oregon Wine Writers Educational Tour. I sampled this gem during one of the seminars, and I knew I could not leave there without it. So I told myself that this bottle would be for a special occasion.

Then I forgot about it until restocking one of the wine fridges. So last month to celebrate our 33rd anniversary we decided to drink it. Damn. After so many years, we did not do “anything special” except drink that bottle. Now that is special.

Single-vineyard wines should be special because the microclimate and soil within a vineyard are so much more specific. And winemakers generally let the grapes speak for themselves with only the necessary winemaking interventions.

Dark chocolate and blue and black fruits tickled my nose and teased my palate. This wine is lush and rich in a satiny, sexy way. Its balance and integration are melodic.

If wine transports and this wine soared.

The 2016 vintage is sold out. However, you can get a different vintage of the single-vineyard delight on the Ponzi website.

On The Socials – WsIMG

Two Shepherds 2020 Pinot Gris

Skin Fermented

The wines of Two Shepherds flew onto my radar because of my wine writer friends. As writers, we are all looking for the next killer wine. William Allen, a former wine blogger, started Two Shepherds in 2010 after several years as a “garagiste,” making wine in his garage.

Two Shepherds 2020 Pinot Gris Skin Fermented is not a true rosé, nor is it a true orange wine. I have had this wine now twice. The first time, it offered a plethora of red fruits with light tannins and a mouthwatering finish. It really struck a chord with me.

The second time a month later, served about 5 degrees warmer, and the red fruit took a backseat to more savory flavors with modestly more tannin than the first time, but it still finished the same. Again, this also struck a chord with me.

Next time I may try to find the g-spot/temperature of this wine between my two experiences. I bet I will be singing from the rooftops.

Only 22 barrels (550 cases) which is classic Two Shepherds production, so get it while you can because it is sure to sell out at $26.00 a bottle.

12.2% abv. Five days of skin contact. Native yeast. Five months in neutral barrel. Unfiltered and unfined. Organically farmed.

On The Socials – WsIMG

Smith-Madrone 2019 Rosê

On The Socials - WsIMGI got a single bottle (yes, my picture is a manipulation) of this wine from my friends David and Amber when out in California. They know that Gary and I LOVE rosé, and I had lamented about missing out on getting any of this very limited production wine.

It is 50% Merlot and 50% Cabernet Franc. And it is – or should I say was – a real WOW of a sip.

There is a real intensity of color reading a deep (should I say dark), ripe watermelon red/pink with a touch of coral. In my mind, a Rosato style.

We drank as a cocktail wine, but this wine would be excellent with a burger, salad, or many other foods. The body is medium-plus. The aromas, flavors, the slight but noticeable tannins, the mouthfeel, and the acidity are all so elegantly layered to create this incredible wine.

I do not care if you are a fan of the lightly-styled Provincial rosé, the rosé of Pinot Noir, or any other rosé you can think of. You MUST try this wine. And if you do not like it, you call me, and I will buy whatever you have left.

For those that know me, they know I bleed rosé. I think that says it all.

Side Note: Amber read my Instagram post and said she is gifting me two of her remaining three bottles when they visit this fall.  Ahhh, the goddess of wine must be happy with me.

Side Note II: There is not a 2020 vintage. I am holding out hope for 2021.

While there is no rosé, Smith-Madrone makes extra special wines that are not released before they are ready to drink. The current Cabernet Sauvignon release is 2016. The current Chardonnay and Reisling releases are 2017. Library verticals are also available.


On The Socials – WsIMG

2018 Testarossa

Sanford and Benedict Vineyard Pinot Noir

Testarossa Winery makes several bottlings of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir offered within four varying portfolios of wine produced from Reserve Select best barrel wines, Single-vineyard wines, Appellation wines, and Cuvée wines.

Some friends that love Testerossa single-vineyard Pinot Noir did an extraordinary thing. They bought us a set of the six 2018 single-vineyard wines. Yes, I have terrific friends.

This is a bold and richly flavored Pinot made from the fruit of 50-year-old vines.

The color is deep garnet with a bluish rim. The fruit is ripe cherry. The mouthfeel is round with minimally noticeable tannin. I got a bump of acid at the start, juicy red cherry, and a hint of spice that lasts to the end, followed by lingering acid into the finish.

I chose to share this wine with friends for our July 4th BBQ this year.  It was a huge hit!

Testarossa Pinots are definitely California-style. They are full-bodied, rich, and velvety.

You can purchase Testarossa wines online or at the winery.

On The Socials – WsIMG

2020 Rosato Cresta d’Oro Vineyard

Castello di Amorosa

A dry rosé of Pinot Noir sourced from the Cresta d’Oro vineyard in Green Valley of Russian River Valley.

This is the first wine from Castello di Amorosa that I have ever had. To be honest, it was because of the actual replica of a 13th-century Tuscan castle that serves as the winery that I have never tasted the wine or been to the property. My thought was, “if you need a castle to bring in folks, the wine must not be that good.” What a snobbish thought, and for that, I am sorry.

Holy Cow! Was I wrong! This rosé is really, really delicious.

The wine has a light salmon color. It carries a level of weightiness that demands you hold the sip in your mouth. This is when you will find a pleasing and generous mouthfeel with rounded corners. The acidity is plentiful and buoyant. Hiding at first and then floats to the surface, leaving you a bit of tension between the juicy, mouthwatering finish and the light “sweater” of tannic structure.

Expect summer red fruits with lovely mineral back notes.

That is all for now.


Rick & Gary

On the socials WsIMG
Photo by Andrey Ilkevich on Unsplash
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