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Wines weekly are the wine selections that we have tried and enjoyed so much we needed to share them with you.

Paso Robles Part 1 * Intro and Wineries

As you all know, my favorite vacation is a wine-tasting vacation. What is available at the source is so much better than what distributors choose to bring to our wine and grocery stores back home.  At the winery, the variety is greater, the limited production wines are available, the scenery is beyond beautiful, and you always get to try before you buy. I could keep the list going, but there is no need. I am sure you get the drift. Recently, Gary and I traveled to Paso Robles for an annual wine writers event. The “deets” on our trip After…

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Trentodoc – An Italian Sparkling Wine

While Champagne is the most recognizable category of sparkling wine, there are, in fact, many others around the world. Most folks thinking of Italian sparkling wine will say Proceso. Others in the know might also think Franciacorta. But then there is the even lesser know wine – Trentodoc.  Coincidentally. all three Italian regions that produce sparkling wine are located in the chilly, mountainous northeast. They are also in close proximity to one another. This is because sparkling wines are typically made from grapes that grow in cool-climate regions. And the mountainous northeast of Italy certainly fits that bill. The burgundy-colored…

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Rick’s Pick – Wine of the Week

This post, Rick’s Pick – Wine of the Week, is something new that I am trying to get me back to posting more often. So, let’s begin. Over the New Year holiday, a new friend brought a bottle of 2020 Champalou Vouvray to the festivities. After my first sip, I knew I had to buy this wine and keep it in my rotation. This post will also be a mini-lesson for those unfamiliar with French wine regions and bottle labels. A Bit About Vouvray Wine from Vouvray is made from the Chenin Blanc grape. Vouvray is an AOC (appellation d’origine…

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Histamines and Wine Headaches

I have been getting lots of questions about wine headaches, so I thought it might be time to talk about histamines in wine. But before we get there, we must talk about the elephant in the room.  This post is about headaches and other reactions you get while drinking wine and not headaches resulting from being hungover.  Histamines not Sulfites From a previous post, we know that for 99% of us, wine headaches do not come from sulfites; we have already gone through that. In the sulfites post, we also discussed hydration when drinking alcohol. So here it is worth…

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Wine Bottle Labels – American Wine

This is a long and detailed post but worth every word. Pace yourself. It is a 16-minute read. The information required and permitted on wine bottle labels varies from country to country, making it a challenge for the casual wine drinker to know what exactly is in the bottle they are drinking. Shops that sell wine help by organizing by region and/or variety. Sure, you could ask for help, but wine is intimidating if you are like most shoppers. Thus you are too embarrassed to ask. So let me pause a second and tell you to ASK! That is why…

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Congratulations Acquiesce!

Wow! Congratulations to Sue and Rodney Tipton of Acquiesce Winery and Vineyards for your honors and awards at the 2022 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. The world’s largest wine competition of North American wines. The competition was held earlier this month, and Acquiesce Winery & Vineyards walked away with an astounding array of achievements. This year, well over 5,000 wines entered from the USA, Canada, and Mexico (who knew that wine is made in Mexico?) Not only is it the largest in North America, but it is also highly regarded by wine professionals around the world. Wine Competition? Just what…

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Harney Lane Winery & Vineyards – Spotlight

It’s Who We Are Tasting In January The very first winery that Gary and I visited on our last trip to wine country was Harney Lane Winery and Vineyards in Lodi, California (you can read my intro post about Lodi here.). They made a great first impression that set the bar quite high for all the other wineries that followed. We enjoyed these wines so much that we are putting together a tasting in January. If you are interested, you can join in either locally or virtually. Email us or leave a comment if you are interested. Harney Lane Winery…

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Suisun Valley Wineries and AVA – Part 2

I first started my reporting of Suisun Valley wineries and AVA back in September. I genuinely have no idea where the time went, but it is time to get back on this.  So this post will continue sharing many of the other wines we sampled and the fabulous and enthusiastic winemakers we met on our first day of presentations. Two of the winemaker’s families have been working this land for decades. Parents, grandparents, and sometimes great-grandparents settled here to become fruit farmers growing cherries, plums, and others. Some slowly moved into wine grapes as supply and demand proved to be…

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