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Mexican Street Corn es Muy Delicioso

Several weeks back I read this recipe on Pineapple House Rules, a Texas-based “mom blog” I follow because of Lilly’s recipes. This particular recipe made me think about the street vendors in the Hispanic neighborhood in Chicago where we used to live. They served the corn “on the cob” with the husk still attached as the handle, slathered in mayonnaise, spices, and cheese with a wedge of lime. Since my mayonnaise usage is selective, the idea of slathering it on fresh sweet corn seemed over the top and too sweet. All I could think was, why would they do that.

Now decades later I think it sounds really delicious, so I had to make it. I even commented on Lilly’s blog that maybe she should broil the corn to get a bit of a char on it, like the street vendors back in Chicago.

So I bought some corn and finally made it.  It is so darn good.  I did not char the corn as I suggested. Next time I will though.  I did have to make a significant modification from the original recipe that calls for cotija cheese. I could not find it at any of the three grocery stores where I shop. So I went online and asked for a suggested replacement.  Fresh Cotija can be replaced with feta cheese and aged Cotija can be replaced with Romano or Parmesan Cheese.  I had some Parmesan, so I tested it and really liked it. I will keep searching for Cotija, but this was delicious.

Now on to the recipe…

Mexican Street Corn

12 ears corn on the cob, shucked
1/2 cup mayo
3 tsp. Trader Joe’s Chile Lime Seasoning OR juice of 2-3 limes + 1-1/2 tsp. chili powder + 1-1/4 tsp. Kosher salt
1/3 cup chopped cilantro leaves
1/3 cup grated Romano or Parmesan cheese
Lime wedges

Soak shucked ears of corn in water for 15 minutes. Wrap each ear of corn in foil. Roast at 400 for 25 minutes, until kernels are tender. Remove from foil and allow to cool. To easily remove cooked kernels, place corn cob vertically in the circle center of a bundt pan. Cut down the side of the cob and let the kernels fall into the well of the pan.

Mexican Street Corn

Mexican Street Corn

In a medium bowl, stir together corn kernels, mayo, chile lime seasoning, cilantro, and cheese. Feel free to adjust seasonings to your liking. Serve immediately with lime wedges for those that like a bit more acid. You can also refrigerate until ready to eat (up to 1 day).

Mexican Street Corn

This dish can be served warm, cold, or at room temperature. I prefer warm or room temperature. Cold tends to mask the flavors too much for me.

Mexican Street Corn

This makes a great side dish for 4-6 people. Try it with my Beef Barbacoa recipe.

Here is Pineapple House Rules Original Recipe: Lilly’s Original Recipe

Download Printable PDF Here: Mexican Street Corn

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