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Rosé All Day * Our Current Favorites

Rosé All Day

In our house, rosé is a 365 days a year beverage. It started that way and never waivered. Thankfully more and more folks understand that there is a place for rosé all day and every day. This is our annual list of rosés we love. First are our new discoveries, and then we list our usual suspects. Why? Because they are delicious year over year. But You can read about them from the last rosé post. Now let’s start with some new finds that we are loving.

This is Our 2022 Rosé All Day Lineup


Paul Thomas Chavignol Sancerre Rosé 2021

Yes! Sancerre is not just a gorgeous Sauvignon Blanc from France. It is also a stunning rosé. Made from 100% Pinot noir within the Sancerre AOP of the Upper Loire. This wine is everything you want in a wine. It has quenching acidity, finesse, and intense flavor.  

Bright, fresh, with red fruit flavors on the approach and mid-palate, then shifting to citrus with a great mouthwatering finish.

Expect a French Rosé of Pinot Noir to be lighter-bodied with bigger acid and flavors that are not as ripe as California or Oregon wines. 

This wine is classically French and delicious.

This wine sells for $24.99 at Seven Star Liquors on James Island. And is nationally distributed, so call your local bottle shop for availability.



Cantine Barbera, ‘la bambina’ Rosato, Menfi DOC, Sicily, Italy 2021

With our impending trip to Sicily later this year, it makes total sense that we would search out and find a wonderful rosè from the island. Marilena Barbera did not plan on taking over the family business. She studied to be a diplomat but the gravitational pull to come home was overwhelming.

‘la bambina’ is a rosé of Nero d’Avola, an indigenous grape to the island of Sicily. Nero d’Avola has dark blue/black skins, making a deeply colored red wine. But in her rosé, Barbera uses the direct press method, so the color comes only from the lightly pressed grapes without any maceration time. This results in a copper/coral-colored wine.

Look for wildflowers and a hint of winter mint on the nose. It carries a medium body from three months on the lees. Look for red fruit, watermelon, and orange rind on the palate with plenty of acidity to keep you wanting more.

It sells for $18.99 at Seven Star Liquors on James Island. And is nationally distributed, so call your local bottle shop for availability.


Agedas Moure, Abadia Da Cova, Caiño Rosada 2020,
Ribeira Sacre D.O. Galicia, Spain

Rosé this color scares a lot of people. They think it will be sweet…like white Zinfandel. Well, put that right out of your head. This wine is dry, dry, dry, and incredible.

It is made from Caiño Tinto, an indigenous red grape of northern Spain. More specifically, from the Rias Baixas and Ribeiro D.O.s within the Galician region. It is also found in Portugal (called Borraçal) and used in Vinho Verde DOC wines.

The color is bright fire engine red (the picture dulls it down, IMHO). It is undoubtedly dark for french rosé but not for a rosado. Wines from this grape are highly perfumed with noticeable tartness and high acidity.

The nose is a blast of rose petals and raspberry for Gary and me.

The palate is big with great fruit but not fruity—slight sour notes for me and some extensive sour notes for Gary.

Brilliant mouthwatering acidity.

Cranberry and ripe red raspberry dominate the flavor profile.

I love this wine!

It sells for $30.99 at Seven Star Liquors on James Island. There were only 3,000 bottles made, so it will not be “everywhere.” But if you can find it… BUY IT!

Acquiesce Winery & VineyardsRosé All Day
Cinsault Rosé 2021

Cinsault Rosé is a brand new wine for our friends at Acquiesce, and if you have not yet ordered any, you had better get on it because it is a limited run and uber delish! And be sure to mention that you heard about it here on Strong Coffee to Red Wine.

This is probably the lightest color of rosé I have ever seen. But what it lacks in pigment, it makes up in flavor.

The wine is a faint salmon. It is so light that I permitted myself to create assumptions about its fragility and “lightness.” 

The nose is lush like a fresh-cut bowl of mixed melons. I also conjured up a slight tropical “juicy fruit” aroma. The wafts of aroma grow as I swirl and sniff over and over. I smiled big and pushed away the “faintness” of my first assumption. 

The body defies my second assumption. The mouthfeel. is lush and perfectly weighted and weightless at the same time. On my second sip, the acidity blossoms and cleanses my mouth. 

The palate is that same mixed bowl of freshly cut melons (cantaloupe, honeydew, white casaba) along with tropical flavors stumping my heat-scorched brain.

As we drained the last sip from the bottle, we both stated that this must have an AVB of 11%. The final assumption is squashed when we read it’s 13%.

This wine is the only one made from non-estate fruit, as Sue ponders planting a few rows of Cinsault on the estate. So let me begin the chorus of “Do it Now, Damnit, Do It Now!”

Beautifully balanced. Great summer sip. I am gonna need more of this asap.  

This wine sells for $30.00 a bottle on the winery website and in the tasting room.

ONLY 15 Cases are left!

Rosé All Day

One Stone Cellars, Rosé of Pinot Noir 2021, Central Coast, California

We brought this wine into the store on a fluke. It was in the mix at a sales rep tasting at the liquor store where I consult. Rosé of Pinot Noir was “on the list” to bring into the store, but I honestly planned on one from Willamette Valley, Oregon.

I had just been to the Central Valley, where you will find some Pinot Noir, but it is not one of the primary varieties for which they are known. So this was a surprise and a treat. On top of that, the entire lineup of One Stone wines gives a portion of the proceeds to Dream Big Darling, a non-profit that provides mentorship programs for the next generation of female leaders in the wine and spirits industry.

You all know I drink my white and rosé wines at 48º F. Rosé of Pinot Noir is one that I think is a must not drink too cold, or you will miss out on all the lusciousness that the wine offers. 

The color is a medium coral pink. Do not be fooled by your perception of a darker rosé. This is a dry wine. 

Look for red fruit aromas like ripe red strawberry mixed with ripe melon. The smell makes you think “lush.” The body is medium. The mouthfeel is also lush with a proper weightedness that one expects from a domestic rosé of Pinot.

 The acidity balances out the fruited flavors on the palate. Look for melon, ripe strawberry, and cranberry. Some may taste raspberry as well. Towards the finish, look for mineral notes.

And then be prepared to crave another sip.

It is a steal at $15.99 at Seven Star Liquors on James Island. And is nationally distributed, so call your local bottle shop for availability.

The Repeat Offenders
Rosé All Day

We are always drinking these wines and will do so as long as they achieve the quality we expect. Or when they run out of stock, as is the case with the J Mourat Collection. But I do not need to wax on about them again. You can read about them in my previous posts.

Chateau Minuty “M” Minuty Rosé, Côte du Provence, France

rosé all day
J. Mourat, Collection, Val de Loire Rosé, Loire Valley, France
Out of Stock Locally
but we nabbed the last two bottles at Edmunds Oast Exchange.

Moulin de Gassac Guilhem Rosé, Languedoc, France
summer rosé

That is a wrap for today—cheers with your fave rosé.


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