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Trentodoc – An Italian Sparkling Wine

While Champagne is the most recognizable category of sparkling wine, there are, in fact, many others around the world. Most folks thinking of Italian sparkling wine will say Proceso. Others in the know might also think Franciacorta. But then there is the even lesser know wine – Trentodoc.  Coincidentally. all three Italian regions that produce sparkling wine are located in the chilly, mountainous northeast. They are also in close proximity to one another. This is because sparkling wines are typically made from grapes that grow in cool-climate regions. And the mountainous northeast of Italy certainly fits that bill.


The burgundy-colored region on this map shows the combined wine regions of Trentino to the south and Alto Adige/Süditrol to the north. Trentino is the home to Trentodoc. And, in my opinion, Alto Adige winemakers make outstanding Pinot Grigio. Perhaps the best in all of the world.

Trentodoc Serves Sparkling Wine from Northern Italy

Enough about the entire northeast; let’s talk Trentino and, more specifically, Trentodoc.

Trentodoc Fun Facts:

  • Nine million bottles of Sparkling wine are produced each year.
  • Vineyards grow between 650 to 2900 feet above sea level
  • The climate is Alpine, Continental, and Mediterranean.
  • The primary variety of grapes is Chardonnay. Pinot Nero (Noir) is also used. Lastly, Pinot Bianco and Pinot Meunier are also permitted but rarely used.
  • Minimum aging on the lees is 15 months (Brut), 24 months for Millesimato, and 36 months for Riserva, although many winemakers age longer than the minimum requirement.

Altemasi Trentodoc Line Up Available In The US

Altemasi is a Cavit Collection brand of Trentodoc. Cavit in the USA is a longtime brand of primarily Pinot Grigio widely distributed throughout the country.


Tasting Altemasi Brut

This wine is pale gold. The bubbles are tiny and firm and dance within the weighted-textured body. Acidity is medium. I found this wine to lean heavily with fruited savory notes in aroma and flavor. The primary scent for me is apple peel/skin with yeasty undertones. The primary flavor is that of unsweet red apple and apple pith.

My curiosity is piqued, and now I want to explore more of the 63 different producers of this distinctive wine.


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