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Local Wine Shopping…

… in the Time of COVID-19

Since Gary and I typically buy wine 12 bottles at a time (for the case discount), we are never out of wine. The current inventory stands at 60 bottles of white and rosé and 70 bottles of red. But where we do our local wine shopping is super important to us.

As we manage our way through the quarantines in this time of COVID-19, it is essential to support our friends locally.  Each of these stores is doing curbside pickup and phone orders.

wine shopping
Ok, maybe this is “too soon,” but if we do not laugh, we will cry.

Supporting Your Local Wine Shop

Locally, we are big fans of Edmunds Oast Exchange. It is where we do most of our local wine shopping. They offer an extraordinary selection of quality wine from all of the major wine regions around the world. They provide an excellent discount program including a 5% off with a purchase of 3 bottles, 10% off with the purchase of 6 bottles and 15% off with the purchase of 12 or more. We also do most of our special orders there.

local wine shopping
Image Courtesy of Edmund’s Oast Exchange

That said, we also buy at Bottles in Mount Pleasant when we are looking for a wine that has a broad distribution in the $25 and under per bottle range.

local wine shopping
Image Courtesy of Bottles

Wine & Company and goat.sheep.cow.north complete where we shop. Wine and Co. is a wine bar with a curated retail selection and goat.sheep.cow.north is a restaurant, wine bar, and a cheese and cured meat emporium also with a finely tuned curated wine selection. These two locations are where I find great wine that you may not find anywhere else.

Image Courtesy of Wine & Co.
Image Courtesy of goat.sheep.cow

All of these stores are doing curbside service to keep you fully stocked in wine right now. Please call ahead to place your order. If you do not know what you want, their experts will help you make your selections. (goat.sheep.cow. is only operating out of their “south” store on Church Street downtown).

Edmund’s Oast Exchange: (843) 990-9449
goat.sheep.cow: (843) 480-2526
Wine & Company: (843) 277-2857
Bottles Beverage Superstore: (843) 849-9463

Next up: Supporting our Small Batch, Direct to Consumer Wineries

in this time of economic strife.

That is it for now.


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