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Acquiesce Winery and Vineyard

A Virtual Tasting Opportunity

Over the past couple of years, Acquiesce Winery kept popping up on my social media feeds. I am a big fan of white Rhône varietals so I was always intrigued by the glowing recommendations. One day in the midst of “sheltering-in-place”, I needed a mood booster, so I took the plunge and became a club member. This club is a six (6) bottle shipment, but if you bump it up to a case (12 bottles) you get free shipping.  As a result, I got at least one bottle of each of the nine single varietals and blends they sell.acquiesce winery

I tried eight of the nine wines so far, and without a doubt, I am a HUGE fan. HUGE!

About the winery

Acquiesce Winery located in the Lodi Appellation of California offers award-winning premium white and rosé wines lovingly created in small batches. After selecting the best Rhône varietals, Sue Tipton, winemaker and co-owner (with her husband Rodney) carefully craft these unique wines: Grenache Blanc, Picpoul Blanc, Roussanne, Viognier, Clairette Blanche (very rare), Bourboulenc (also very rare), Belle Blanc (white blend), Ingenue (white blend), and Grenache Rosé.  Their vines are sourced from the famed Château de Beaucastel of Châteauneuf du Pape, France and they show a timeless elegance fused with great fruit expression courtesy of Lodi’s sandy soils and Mediterranean climate.

Virtual Tasting Opportunity with Acquiesce Winery

As you must know by now, I host private, in-person tastings for boutique wineries that do not have distribution in South Carolina. I was hoping to do a tasting with Acquiesce when Covid-19 ground all gathering to a halt. Virtual Tastings sprung up from wineries near and far. But I kept hearing that folks did not want to buy three, four, or five bottles of wine that they had not yet tasted. For an experienced wine enthusiast, this might be acceptable, but for a casual wine drinker who wants to expand their palate, not so much. What if they did not like it? Besides, that could also be a huge outlay of cash.  Now I just spent $200 or $300 on wine that I do not want to drink.

The three of us decided that we needed to pivot to a virtual tasting as well, but we wanted to make it accessible to the enthusiast as well as the casual wine drinker.  Sue, Rodney, and I started brain-storming. I did some market research (you all got the survey). We came up with a wine tasting kit that we feel will please all tasters.

The Acquiesce Winery Virtual Tasting Kit

Discover a taste of our estate-grown Rhône style wines paired with specially chosen condiments to recreate our tasting room experience in your home!

This kit includes 4 half bottles (aka splits at 375 ml each) of our wines.  That’s 12 ounces per wine or 6 generous tastings.

The Vibrant – 2019 Picpoul Blanc
A Quenching – 2019 Grenache Blanc
The Elegant – 2019 Viognier
An Extraordinary – 2019 Grenache RoséAcquiesce Winery

Plus we are including these condiments with pairing notes:

Green Olive Spread (Italy) to pair with the Picpoul Blanc
Violet Flower Confit (France)
to pair with the Grenache Blanche
Mango Chutney (France)
to pair with the Viognier
Cherry Pepper Jelly (California)
to pair with the Grenache Rosé

Only $75.00 with Shipping included – a $140 Value!
(All you add is a baguette or some crackers, a bit of cheese and you are all set.)
(Cheese recommendations come with the tasting kit)

The kit also includes fact sheets for each of the four wines and additional pairing information.

A Note about the Kit

Two-ounce wine bottles are not customary, let alone easy to fill. So coming up with a kit with a tasting room portion was a challenge. We decided on a 375ml bottle (split) because they are readily available and allow for a single kit to be used by anywhere from 1-6 people.  Enjoy the tasting with your spouse, a couple of wine-loving friends from your Covid-19 bubble, or pod* and everyone can enjoy this tasting for only $75.00.

* bubble or pod is your Covid-19 group that you trust and with whom you have continued to gather as you shelter in place

Acquiesce Winery Virtual Tasting Experience
featuring four world-class, estate-grown Rhône style wines with amuse bouche pairing

Thursday, June 25, 2020
6:30pm – 8:00pm EDT

To receive an invitation to this and other Virtual Tastings. Sign Up Here

That is all for now.


Rick & Gary

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