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Wine Round Up: Winter

The other night at a dinner party a dear friend thanked me for turning him onto dry rosé wines. He said, At first, he only bought the brand that I shared with him but has since branched out and is trying and finding a slew of new rosé wines he loves.  Additionally, the other day in a conversation with another friend she told me a similar story but then added that since she has started to go to the Strong Coffee to Red Wine wine tastings, she has learned that her wine palate is much broader than she ever imagined. As…

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Cidre Johanna Cecillon from Paris Wine Club

As I mentioned two weeks ago, I joined the Paris Wine Club.  The first and only shipment I received so far (next one comes when the summer heat breaks) is the May selection, three cuvées from a Domaine in Brittany, Northern France that makes hard apple cider as if it were wine, Domaine Johanna Cecillon.  Louis and Johanna are from a famed French winemaking family, and because they treat their ciders like wine, the Paris Wine Club saw fit to make these ciders available to their club members. All Cidre Johanna Cecillon is made using different blends of heirloom apples to adjust…

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Obscure Wine, Surprising Wine – Updated!

I do hate to admit it, but I am lusting for an obscure wine. To satisfy my craving, I joined the Paris Wine Club.  I found this club when refining my search looking for that La Galoche Beaujolais Blanc back in May.  That search turned me on to so many great wine opportunities connecting me with McCarus Beverage Co. here in Charleston and Paris Wine Company in Northern California.  In addition to being an importer and distributor, Paris Wine Company has a club that features small winemakers throughout France that produce lower volume, classic French wines that do not usually see the light of…

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