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Antinori Wine Dinner at Savi Cucina

This is a five (5) minute read I have never turned around a post as quickly as this one. EVER. Last evening, (Tues., July 20th), we went to Savi Cucina and Wine Bar for their Antinori Wine Dinner. We were both overwhelmed on so many levels. First, this was our first wine dinner here in Charleston since March of 2020, thanks to Covid. Second, it was our first wine dinner at Savi since we joined their Wine Society last July. And lastly, the six courses were absolutely delicious, and the wines paired exquisitely. I do not know what more we…

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Wine Dinner – Innate Wines & Edmund’s Oast

Innate Wine Dinner at Edmund’s Oast If you are a wine enthusiast, one of the best value’s in Charleston is a Wine Dinner at Edmund’s Oast. I have attended at least five or six of these dinners. Each time they blow me out of the water, and I think that this is the best they have ever done. The reality is that they do the pairings so perfectly that your senses are in high gear. While last night was amazing, fun, delicious, perfectly paired, quenching, unique, and fantabulous. They all have been. You should make a point of getting on…

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Tastings, Wine Dinner, More Tastings: Pt. 1

Tuesday Wine Tastings Last week, we had my sister’s two dogs for eight days while they went skiing. If there were ever a time that we “needed” wine as much as we wanted wine, this would have been it. Don’t get me wrong; we loooovvvvve these puppies, but a 14-week-old can be a holy terror, and Aspen is no exception. Thankfully, Breezy is very patient with her, as are we.  The scheduling of the puppies and the wine events was a coincidence because we could not have planned this if we tried. But having several wine events, including two tastings…

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Edison James Island Wine Dinner

Edison James Island Klinker Brick Wine Dinner You all know by now that I am a huge fan of wine dinners. The ones I attend tend to cost in the $90 to $125 range including tax and gratuity, although I have seen some advertised for as much as $200 to $300 per person. This occasion was my first wine dinner at Edison James Island. In my experience, wine dinners always sell out, and that makes me very happy. What made this wine dinner so interesting to me is the quality to price ratio (QPR) of the Klinker Brick wines and…

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Laherte Frères Champagne Wine Dinner

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of attending the Laherte Frères Champagne Dinner at Edmund’s Oast. All of the wine dinners I have gone to at Edmund’s Oast have been a lot of fun as well as great learning experiences. But I was super excited about this one because I have a significant knowledge deficit when it comes to the art of champagne. Since this is one of Sarah O’Kelley’s (the sommelier at Edmund’s Oast), favorite producers, I knew I was in for a treat. Side note: All Champagne is sparkling wine. But all sparkling wine is NOT…

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Chateau Musar * Lebanon’s Premier Winery

Wine Dinner at Edmunds Oast When Edmund’s Oast puts on a wine dinner, they usually sell out within 24 hours of the announcement. This dinner, showcasing Chateau Musar wines sold out in 12 hours. Now, the unaware may wonder what the big deal is. After all, Lebanon is not top of mind for most when one considers the world’s wine hotspots. But until you have tasted the wines of Chateau Musar, you may wish to hold off judgment. This post is not an in-depth parsing of these five wines. If I have something to say, I will, but for the…

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