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Tag: The Wine Shop of Charleston

The Wine Shop of Charleston

* New Ownership * As most of my Charleston following know, Gary and my journey creating this blog, our in-person and virtual wine tastings, and now our wine concierge services started when Gary began his three-year stint working at The Wine Shop of Charleston. We recommended and sent many of you there to purchase wine. If Gary was there when you came in to shop, or it was one of the previous owner’s good days, all was grand. But if it wasn’t, many of you had an unfortunate encounter with her that left you bewildered or annoyed.  Thus you found…

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The Independent Wine Store

You may think this sounds a bit over the top, but when I buy wine, it is a personal experience. Gary and I do not share the same wine preferences, so I am always in search of wines that are in our middle ground.  They need not be too fruit-forward (aka fruity) and jammy for Gary and not too many tannins (aka mouth parching) or high alcohol content for me.  Finding wines that meet these criteria without guidance from wine experts would be a significant challenge if not purely a guessing game. And I have done that all before but choose…

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