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Temperature of Wine For Maximum Flavor

I first wrote a post about the serving temperature of wine back in the summer of 2017. This is a subject where I am continually learning, so I wanted to update my advice for you. So, what triggered this decision to write a new post on this subject? First and foremost, I continue to see folks storing wine in their 36° refrigerator. Secondly, because of my own recent awakening drinking a bottle of skin-contact Fiano, a white wine from Italy. Side Note: Skin Contact This is a “rabbit hole” topic that I will save for another time. Suffice it to…

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Serving Temperatures: Reds, Whites & Rosés

Serving Temperatures: Too Hot – Too Cold – Just Right No, this is not the story about The Three Bears but it could be if that children’s story was about wine.   Why? Because we, Americans, do not typically heed proper wine serving temperatures. Our reds are too warm and our whites and rosés are too cold. This post hopes to enlighten so that we all can serve and drink them  – just right. Achieving Proper Serving Temperatures with Wine Storage. It is best to store wine in a wine cooler set between 50-55 degrees.  If you buy wine as…

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