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Tag: Johns Island Farmer’s Market

Tarragon & The Dinner for Eight

* Saturday Dinner Club * It is my turn to host a wonderful group of friends for dinner.  We each take a turn at making a scratch dinner served along with lots of wine.  On Friday morning, I still did not know what I was going to make. But that is typical for me as I need to mash around ideas in my head for several days to then give me direction.  Then I peruse my recipes to see what is close to what I have been pondering.  I decided the main course to be Deconstructed Tarragon Chicken Pot Pie…


This Bread Snob Is Over The Moon

You are aware from previous posts that I am very much a bread snob.  I wish I could settle for eating spongy, flaccid, tasteless bread, but I can’t.  To me, bread is the heart and soul of all meals. Unfortunately when are US grocery markets became supermarkets so much of the food we eat became corporatized and commercialized. That brought us Wonder Bread, but thankfully we now see a significant reversal of that as purveyors source local meats, produce and other food items including fresh artisan bread.  It seems in Charleston, and all over there is someone new sourcing or creating local quality foods…

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