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Category: White wine

Summer’s End – Wine Round Up: Pt 1

Over the past couple of months, Gary and I have tried a wide variety of wines. Wines we drank and liked but did not love. As it is said, you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince.  Well, for wine I would modify the saying to say, You have to kiss a lot of puppies to find your perfect dog. Dogs, like wine, are all wonderful beings but all breeds are not for all people, and the same goes for wine. To love a wine is to want to fill one of our coolers with it. Liking it is…

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Appetizer Platters, Wine and Great Fun

Today was our neighbor Natalie’s mother’s birthday, and her parents were in town. Gary and I have grown close to Nat and her parents, so she invited us over for happy hour to start the celebration before they had dinner. I promised to make a couple of appetizers, and of course, we would bring a bottle of wine. We were prepared to stay for an hour or so and then allow the family to have a dinner celebration. Appetizer Platter I knew I wanted to “bring it” since Natalie always makes such fab appetizers to bring to our house. It…

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Serving Temperature: Reds, Whites & Rosés

Too Hot – Too Cold – Just Right No, this is not the story about The Three Bears but it could be if that story was about wine.   Why? Because we usually serve our reds too warm and our whites and rosés too cold when we should strive to drink them when they are all just right. But first a note about wine storage. It is best to store wine in a cooler set between 50-55 degrees.  If you buy as you drink, leaving it on the counter is fine since it will be gone in a couple weeks…

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Cheers: Sandhi Chard & Gobelsburg Rosé

Cheers to ya and Happy Wednesday. As the introduction to the first wine that I want to share with you, I need to bring up that book I just finished, Cork Dork.  About half way through the book there is a chapter titled, “The Orgy.” It is all about an exclusive wine event in New York City called La Paulée.  Imagine an event that costs $1,500 to attend, AND you have to bring your own bottle from your cellar. And not just any bottle either, it has to be a “treasure” aka extremely expensive and rare.  Ok, you get my…

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Ptown, So Long & Wine We Drank

Our Ptown vacation has come to an end. It was the longest we have ever stayed (7 nights/8 days), and it was still a few days too short. I needed some more down time, but it was just not in the cards. We only caught one show, comedian and television comedy writer Bruce Vilanch. You may not know his name, but you have heard his jokes as he has written for many, as well as the writer for the Academy Award shows. We missed an extraordinary opportunity but hope to hear about it from friends who snagged tickets.  Sally Field…

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Lobster Lobster Lobster and More Lobster

As visions of lobster rolls danced in my head. Our trip to Provincetown started at 3:30 am on Tuesday. It was a long travel day hugging the east coast traveling in two planes and a boat to get from Charleston to P-town. But we arrived safe and sound twelve hours later, exhausted but here and ready for R&R and wine. Of course wine, always wine.  And yes, lobster! After checking-in, we knew what we needed to do before anything else – get a lobster roll.  At this point this was more than an early dinner than the lunch we never had as…

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August Social & Wine Tasting is TONIGHT Aug 3

What better way to turn the dark days of my July into the fun days of August. The August Social & Wine Tasting is tonight and I can not wait to see those of you who can make it. I have missed you and am sorry that I went dark for several days. That is what happens when your computer crashes multiple times over several days. And after two trips to the Apple store it gets an extended stay and they promise it won’t come home until its fixed. Add to that the kitchen incident that you already know about,…

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Two Amazing Wines: Out of the Park!

It was on Friday evening at “happy hour” when Gary, Eve and I drank the wines I am sharing with you today.  First, a bit about my friend Eve. We have worked together for years in the wedding business and became fast friends. Known for its high-stress situations and perhaps a Bridezilla as well, weddings have a way of bringing vendors together, as we bond over the craziness of that day. She and I have been on opposite schedules for months, so we needed some private time to do some serious catching up. So on this night, we talked and we…