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Work Life Balance and A Glass of Wine

The Weekly Pour

Work Life Balance

On Sunday, I was very conflicted as Gary and I were invited to a work associate/friend’s house for the afternoon and early dinner.  Conflicted because I felt guilty for not staying home and working.  Work life balance is a big issue for me since I work from home.  I work every day usually all day.  When I am on a deadline I can work until 10:00pm or later.  I love what I do so it does not “feel” like work, but it is work all the same.  One of the things that I do to correct this problem area is try to make sure that I have planned personal events throughout the week.  We had a dinner with friends at a new BBQ place just last night.  Shooting weddings on weekends makes it challenging but taking advantage of the weekends  I am free is critical to my work life balance. Additionally, on the day after a wedding we always try to head to the my sister’s place on the beach about 45 minutes south.  It always feels like vacation there even if we never actually walk out to the water.

This is and will be a work in progress but I am glad I did not listen to my “gotta work” self. We went to our friends and I had a fantastic time riding around the island where they live on their decked out golf cart, sipping cocktails checking out the mega-houses on the affluent side of the island.

Wines this week

They all loved their bourbon, but not being a fan I was served Coppola Sofia Rosé.  It is darker than my usual rosé and on the edge “sweet” and fruity  for what I like. Today, however, it was the perfect afternoon cocktail wine.  This wine is widely sold in grocery stores and big box wine stores like Total Wine.

rosé wine

Several hours later  as we sat down for dinner, it was time for a switch to something that everyone would enjoy.  So we opened the bottle that Gary and I brought,  Cote Mas Blanc Medierranée.

This is a delightfully balanced white vin de pays (table wine) from southern France.   Table wines are always blends of different grapes to produce a wine that will fit most palates.   Cote Mas does an excellent job as this is one of the few white wines I enjoy that Gary, whose palate prefers a much drier wine also likes.  This wine comes in a liter bottle and  is very affordable.  Prices range from $8.99 online (plus shipping) or $9.99 at Bottles in Mount Pleasant or $10.99 at The Wine Shoppe in downtown Charleston. Be sure to call first to make sure it is in stock. Please tell them Strong Coffee to Red Wine  sent you.  Cote Mas also makes rosé and red at the same price.  They are also balanced, great flavor, and a crowd pleaser.  This is a perfect party wine.

french table wines

Note:  The wines I plan to feature on this blog are wines that I / we drink. They generally sell in the $13 to $27 dollar range.  Sometimes we find something we like that is a bargain price (like above).  You know I love a great under $10 wine. We will also stumble upon a wine in the $30 to $50 range that we may get for special occasions and I will share those too.  But the goal here is a great value that is available online and in stores now so you can drink it too.

The Little BIG thing 

(Little things that change your life in a BIG way)

One of my pet peeves is those darn soap dispensing dish scrubbers that you get at the grocery store.  They usually leak out soap, the cap will crack which also causes it to leak and the sponge tears off really easily.  Then there is the issue that the store changes brands every so often and the sponge replacements never fit the handle.  Thus you have to start all over.  Arghhhh!

Then I found the OXO Good Grips Soap Dispensing Dish Scrubber and it has changed my life.  The handle is very well made like most OXO products.  The one I bought back in June of last year is still going strong.  The soap is dispensed through a hole in the sponge when you push the rubber button on the back side of the handle.  Be sure to position the dispenser so that the soap falls onto whatever you are cleaning.  When not in use the rubber gasket keeps the soap from leaking out.  In six months the cap has not cracked and has shown no sign of weakening.  While the sponge does also come off its mechanism it lasts twice as long as the brands sold at the grocery store.  When you buy this be sure to pick up a few extra sponges.  This little thing has changed my life in BIG way!

little big thing

Image of the week:

strong coffee to red wine

Available on metal or canvas. Please contact for pricing.

My work life balance is always a bit more balanced after a nice glass of wine.



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