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Wine Tasting & August Social Recap

Wow, I needed this wine tasting. Too many crises and juggling way too much. It could not have come a day too soon.

Since I last posted a lot continues to happen to limit my ability to post every day.  Yes, my crashed computer was misdiagnosed and then “fixed” but not really. Then three days later, fixed again only this time for real. But now that first fix is causing problems because it conflicts with much of my image editing software. I can either spend seven hundred to a thousand dollars to update software.  Or I can get it back to its original state pre-crash now that we know it was a hardware issue. I have to choose not spending money.

So today, I have my third appointment with Tony, a senior advisor at Apple. He has promised me that we can bring my computer back to the state that it was over a week ago and it can happen today. So far today we have been on the phone off and on for the past 10 hours. I would like to say there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but I do not want to jinx it. Needless to say, the last ten days or so have been super stressful so the August Social and Wine Tasting last Thursday early evening was just what I needed.

To any of my current wedding clients who also read the blog…. Please note that you are the top priority. However, I am now working on an old and very slow computer, and it has its own challenges when editing photos. But I have muscled through, and I am at a point now where some processes have to just run, and that takes some time. That means I have to wait… so I thought I would post while I have the opportunity.

summer red crisp white

August Social and Wine Tasting Recap

summer red crisp white

Well, the first SC2RW Social & Wine Tasting is in the record books and was a smashing success. We had 25 attendees all of whom said they had a great time and are already looking forward to our next event. Michael and Kevin from O’Hara & Flynn were incredible.  They shared their knowledge of the wines we tasted and made everyone feel right at home.

We tasted five wines. Two Italian whites, one French rosé, and two Italian reds. (The Italian rosé did not make the delivery in time.) To keep our palates invigorated, we were served various cheeses and cured meats with crusty European-style bread.

Folks arrived at different times which made it possible for me to mingle and hang out with all of my guests. It was great fun to catch up with friends and meet some new faces. About midway through because I knew not everyone would stay the entire time, I thanked everyone for coming, and we raffled off two bottles of wine.


This was a social event where I was busy hosting so I did not “taste” these wines like I do when I am tasting at home. So my tasting notes will be more general. But I can say with 100% certainty that all five wines are very drinkable as cocktail wines and did not “need” food. Although I must say, the cheeses really added to our enjoyment.


Wine Tasting Line Up

wine tasting

wine tasting

Pinot Grigio
Terre di Chieti 2016

This wine is not your average Pinot Grigio as it is blended with the indigenous Garganega varietal making for a more balanced and well-rounded white wine. I typically do not enjoy Pinot Grigio, but I found this wine very palatable and one I could easily drink all summer long. Gary was not happy about that because he usually gets all the Pinot Grigio to himself. What he does not realize is that it is this particular blend that I prefer so I think his wines are safe.

The reaction to this wine for the non-Pinot Grigio drinker was the same. Hmm, I could drink this wine anytime.


wine tasting

Adesso Taliano Michele Langhe DOC 2011

Adesso in Italian means “Now”. Which is interesting because this wine is six years old which is old by white wine standards. This is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and the indigenous varietal Arneis. My guess is the Arneis softens the more citrusy, acidic Sav. Blanc making it a wine that can reach a much broader audience.

What makes this wine age so well is that it is made using traditional Bordeaux winemaking practices and since “it has the right stuff” it has aged beautifully. But this wine may have reached its peak so now is the time to drink it up.  By far my favorite wine of the evening. I had Michael put one aside for me to enjoy at home.

It seemed to be a popular choice as I saw a few bottles leave under folks arms.


wine tasting

Chateau Routas Rosé 2016Coteaux Varois en Provence

This was an unexpected surprise but a great addition to the lineup. This rosé was a classic Provencalrosé made with 45% Cinsault 35% Grenache 20% Syrah grape varietals. It was a big hit and was one of the bottles chosen by one of the winners of the raffle to take home with her.  Congrats, Sarah and enjoy the wine.

Tasting notes provided by the wine maker: Freshly cut watermelon, ripe peach aromas, and floral notes lead to a palate alive with wild strawberries and hints of mineral. Crisp acidity and a refreshing finish.

wine tasting

Pietraserena VermentinO Nero 2013

wine tasting

When one hears of the grape Vermentino it is without a doubt a white wine. Afterall Vermentino is an Italian white grape. But at some point, the Vermentino was either cross bred with a Spanish red varietal or there was a genetically color mutation in the northern most Massa-Carrara region in Tuscany and the scientists and experts have no idea which it was.  There are only 500 acres of this varietal grown in all of Italy so there is not a great deal of this wine finding its way to the US.  It was a real treat.

This wine is full-bodied but is light on the palate. It is more garnet in color similar to a Pinot Noir but richer and bolder in taste. It was perfect with our cheese and cured meats and I imagine would be perfect with pizza as well.

This was Gary’s choice to bring home and I was pleased he made that choice. Looks like we will be sharing that wine next time we make pizza.

This wine also went home with several attendees. Definitely a crowd pleaser.

wine tastingTenuta Monteti Toscana Caburnio 2012

Of all the wines we tasted on this night this wine was characteristically the “most Italian” of them all. Definitely drier on the palate and while still drinkable as a cocktail wine it would be most enjoyed with food. It is a blend of 55% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot, 15% Alicante-Bouschet, 5% Petit Verdot, 5% Cabernet Franc.

This was a great last wine in the lineup. It is big and herbaceous with red berries and minerals on the palate.  But this was the end of the evening and my palate was shot at this point.


All of these wines are currently available at O’Hara & Flynn. A great little wine bar at 225 Metting Street in downtown Charleston.  Stop by and have a glass or pick up a bottle to take home. Michael will take good care of you.

This was a super fun night to try new wines with old friends and friends I just met that night. While every one of you is important to me, I want to give a shout out to the gang at Blackbaud that made this there after work event. Spread the word to your co-workers. And everyone please know the next wine tasting will be sometime in October.

Well, folks, I will be cooking and be sipping all week as I finish up my Spring and Summer weddings and get ready for a much-needed vacation.

That is all for now,







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  1. Looks like a great time! I’m so sad we live so far away. We’d have loved to have been there. Can’t wait to try these wines, too. I’m hoping Total Wines will have them here in Texas.

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