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Wine Tasting Expansion

After much encouragement from friends and family, I have put considerable effort into creating new tasting opportunities. The wine tasting expansion is in full swing, and I hope that I will see my local readers sometime soon at one of my events.

Wine Tasting Expansion via

Signature Tasters Continues

After three successful Invitation-only Signature Tasters parties, I am moving forward with the concept and recruiting other DTC (direct to consumer) only wineries to present their wines. While these wineries do not have local distribution, they are licensed to ship directly to the consumer. So the only way to taste these wines before you purchase is to go to the winery tasting room wherever that may be. Or now at a private, Signature Tasters party.

Wine Tasting expansion

The ideal attendee enjoys small-batch, hand-crafted, premium wines. For each event, I recruit from my relationships with wineries around the country that make and sell some of the best wines in their region.

Save the Dates for upcoming Private Signature Tastings

October 24, 2019: Sutro Wine Co. & Bannister Wines both from Sonoma County California
December 5, 2019: Hawk & Horse Vineyards from Mendicino County California
March 1, 2020: Methven Family Vineyards from Willamette Valley Oregon.

Signature Tasters

Do you want to join me at some of my events?  Sign up here.

Wine Tasting Expansion via

Educational Opportunities

These tastings are for anyone who enjoys wine and wants to learn more about it. For these events, I have partnered with Edison James Island to host the event and to provide nibbly bits.  At each event, we will taste four to six wines and discuss the who, what, where, when, and how of each wine.

wine tasting expansion

Some example tastings may include topics like:

Wine Tasting expansion

  • Rosé is more than just pink wine and why White Zinfandel gave it a bad name.
  • White wine for the drinker that only likes red wine.
  • ABC (Anything BUT Chardonnay) Should not be a thing – Why you probably don’t hate all Chardonnay?
  • How to read a wine label and why you need to know how?
  • Obscure Wines you’ve probably never heard of.
  • Sparkling Wine is not just for celebrations
  • Old World Wines versus New World Wines.
  • Pinot Noir * Pinot Gris * Pinot Blanc – It’s a Family Affair
  • Blends – Outstanding affordable Red and White Wine Blends


Do you want to join me at some of my events?  Sign up here.

Wine Tasting Expansion via

Social Opportunities

Wine Tasting expansion

Forget buying, learning, and analyzing.

Let’s just have fun.

These are gatherings, happy hours, takeovers, and more.

  • We may take over a local wine bar (cash bar).
  • You may want to host an event in your home.
  • We may gather at a wine shop for one of their tastings.
  • Not sure how else this might manifest itself, but we will gather and enjoy wine.

Have you got any ideas?  Let me know.

Do you want to join me at some of my events?  Sign up here.

That is all for now.




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