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As a wine enthusiast, I can go a tad overboard on my gadgets and specialty items. However, I am always game to try something that claims to enhance my wine-drinking experience. I have tried many items you will never find on the blog, but these… These are essential.  You might use the items in this post as future gift ideas for you or your wine enthusiast but trust that I have used every one of these items. In the post, I will also explain why they are deemed essential to me.

Red Wine Enthusiast

WHY -> Saves You TIME

Wine Decanter Aerator Set


There are a ton of wine aerators out there as well as decanters. I really love this item because the aerator spreads out the flow of the wine across the entire surface of the decanter, thus exposing more of the wine to oxygen. By doing this two-step process into the carafe and then back into the bottle, you speed up the time required for a bottle of red wine to “open up.” The claim is a single-use is equal to about one hour of traditional decanting time. More if you repeat the process.  I also like that it allows you to pour the wine back into the bottle to serve.

I first saw this being used at a winery in Willamette Valley. If it was good enough for them, I decided to give it a try. I love it and have gifted it to my closest wine enthusiast family and friends.

It is not stylish or glamorous, but it works great. Carafe, drying stand, and cleaning beads are included in this item.

Me using this great gift at a recent wine tasting.

Spiegelau “Style” Burgundy Wine Glasses, Set of 4,

European-Made Lead-Free Crystal, Dishwasher Safe


I have been a fan of Spiegelau glassware for years.  They have a thin rim that fits your lips perfectly. The stem is thin but substantial and comfortable in your hand. On top of that, they are incredibly sturdy. So while I usually hand wash, I am not afraid to also put them in the dishwasher. The bowl shape is angular and elegant. And the bowl size is perfect for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. This glass holds 22.6 ounces, so with a 5-6 ounce pour, there is plenty of room for aromas to gather in the glass.

Wine enthusiast

These glasses also come in a Bordeaux-style shape for both white wine (15.5 ounces) and red wine (22.6 ounces).


Poolside Essentials for the Wine Enthusiast

Because I don’t “do” Cans of Wine**

Photo by Jose Malatesta on Unsplash

Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler Set with Removable Wine Glass Stems

Leak-Proof Lid, Vacuum Insulated, BPA Free 8 oz

Sold in Pairs


If I have to drink from a metal container, at least give me a proper stem. These are great at the pool where glass is prohibited but also work for camping, picnicking, or anywhere else where glass is not an option. These babies are fun! They sell in three different color sets Pink and Blue (as shown), Navy Blue and Peach, and Green and Yellow.

wine enthusiast

Stainless Steel Protective Wine Bottle “Coozie”


I love this item for one simple reason. The glass bottle is completely enclosed (except while pouring), making it as close to perfect as it can get for taking to the pool. It is available in Silver, Black, Pink, and Light Blue (although at press time, the Silver is out of stock). Is it perfect… no. The neoprene sleeve is very thin, which made me nervous, so I replaced it with a neoprene wine bottle carrier that I had lying around and was not using. That said, I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

This version works with both Bordeaux (cabernet bottle) and Burgundy (pinot noir bottle). In addition, there is a Skinny version that works only with Bordeaux bottles.


wine enthusiast

For The Wine Enthusiast

The ONLY Corkscrew You Need


Murano makes the best wine key, aka corkscrew, that I have ever used.  Yes, there are all sorts of opener gadgets, but nothing is as fail-safe and easy as this dual-hinged opener.  The most important aspect of this opener is the dual-hinge and the non-stick coating on the screw. Below the picture, I have a video that shows you just how simple it is.

wine enthusiast

Wine Enthusiast

Wine Glass Cleaner


Ok, you may think that I have lost my mind here. Why do you need special soap to clean wine glasses?   Well, for all the reasons that it lists on the front label. First, it is concentrated, so it is very economical. To use, add a couple of drops into each glass and fill with hot water. Even though there are few suds, it’s working. I allow them to sit for about 10-20 minutes. Then I fill my sink half-full with warm water and plunge each glass into the water for a good scrub with the correct scrubber (see below).  I hang to dry upside down on a wine glass drying rack (see below) because you want air to get inside the glass to dry properly. That is it: no streaks, no stains, no water spots, no lipstick residue or fingerprints.  Wipe with a lint-free polishing cloth to finish the job as you put them away.

Washing Scrubber Kit


These work better than a dishcloth or sponge because they are non-abrasive, and the polymer it is made of practically clings to the glass as you move it around, wiping away all that gets in its way.  I primarily use just the goblet wand, but the other two have been useful as well.

Stemware Wine Glass Drying Rack

Holds 16,

Foldable for storage


What more can I say.  I have two of these, and my glasses dry beautifully. There is also a model for eight (8) glasses that sells for $25.99.

Thanks to Road Trip with Raj on Unsplash for the use of this image

That is all for now!


Rick & Gary


  1. Pamela M King

    I am down to one nice Burgundy glass I use pretty universally for all my reds (I know that’s probably not recommended 🙂 and was looking for a new set that is reasonably priced – Thanks Rick!!!!

    • You are so welcome!! And if it works for you to only use Burgundy glasses, then great. That is all that matters.

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