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Wine & Company on Upper Meeting St.

Wine bars have exploded all over Charleston. For the longest time, the best that I could tell, there were just two, Bin 152 on lower King St. and Avondale Wine and Cheese in West Ashley. Then the trend hit Charleston, and there seemed to be a new one opening every few months, as well as pre-existing bars tweaking their offerings to become a wine bar. My unofficial count at this point is fourteen. Some might argue that there are more, but I am happy with my count. But there was one I kept coming up in conversation, Wine & Company, so I had to check it out.

Wine and Company – My Kind of Wine Bar

Wine bars come in all shapes and sizes and cater to different audiences. Since I am not a “bar person,” the idea of going out drinking (wine or anything) and hanging out at a bar is my worst nightmare. So if I am going to a wine bar, I want a wine experience. My favorite type of bar is one that offers wine flights or at a minimum short pours so that you can taste a variety of wines before you settle on a glass or a bottle of wine. I want it to be a fun and casual learning experience. I also want friendly and knowledgeable staff to guide me along the way if needed. As a bonus, if you can walk out of the bar with an unopened bottle to take home for later, that’s even better. Wine & Company is all of that and more.Wine and Company

Thank You Google Maps

I have driven right by Wine and Company several times and never noticed it; even when looking for it. Why? Because it sits on the ground floor of the Elan Midtown apartment building with the logo on the window and it is super easy to miss. Your first trip could be the most difficult as there is no on-street parking in the area and no parking lots close by either. But I am here to save you and let you know that you can park in the apartment building parking lot which you access on the side street. If it is after 6 pm. you can also park across the street in the Fetter Clinic parking lot. Of course, there is always Lyft or Uber.

Knowledgeable, Comfortable, and Friendly

Wine & Company is owned and managed by Josh Walker. He is incredibly knowledgeable and willing to share whatever he knows to make your experience more meaningful to you. The rest of the staff are great as well. They all make you feel welcome and will help you pick out a wine that suits your palate.

At Wine & Co. you have seating options as there is the U-shaped bar, several tables with a variety of dining room chairs and a couple of couches if you want to get comfy. The space is designed for easy hanging out.

A customer called ahead and ordered a cheese and charcuterie platter. They wanted it room temperature when they arrived. It was waiting for them in their favorite spot at the bar.

Wine and company

Wine & Company – The Wine, Oh, but the Wine

wine and company
Several folks order the white wine – Funky. This was a fun mix.

The menu is brilliantly laid out and done in such a way that it’s easy to change out when a wine is no longer available. You can get a three glass flight of half pours based on the five and six categories of wine available. You can also order any of these wines by the glass or bottle. The category descriptions are perfect as they tell you in one word what to expect. In the white wine category, you can choose from Bubbly, Fresh, Funky, Rich, and Sweeties. Pink is also on this page. In the red wine category, you can choose from Classic, Funky, Juicy, and Dense. There is also Sticky (red and white) on this page which includes a tawny port, a Sauterne and an Alsatian Pinot Grigio. The Sticky are just one ounce pours but frankly, that is plenty.

The menu changes as wines come and go. This menu is from last spring and will not be accurate to what is being served when you visit.
This is my wine flight. I chose Juicy. It was the perfect selection for this moment. The Italian Pinot Nero was my favorite, and I took a couple of bottles home.
The menu changes as wines come and go. This menu is from last spring and will not be accurate to what is being served when you visit.

Cheese and Charcuterie

Their cheese and charcuterie boards are very well put together. When ordering any platter or board, I recommend that you do what we always do. Decide how many cheeses and how many meats for the group. Then ask the kitchen to match the cheeses and meats to the wine ordered at the table. Since there were five of us drinking red and white wines, they first made us two boards that paired beautifully. We had such a great time we skipped dinner and ordered one more board and then a chocolate platter. It was a perfect night out.

wine and company wine and company

wine and companyI highly recommend visiting Wine and Company, whether it be for a sip and a nibble before an event or to make an evening of it. If you love trying new wines, this needs to be one of your hangouts. Wine & Company is now included on My Charleston Eats.

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