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White Bordeaux & Rosé Languedoc

The temperatures are heating up here in Charleston which makes it harder and harder to drink red wines.  Beaujolais and lighter Pinot Noir with a slight chill are drinkable, but nothing strikes me so instead we pulled from our white and rosé coolers to please white bordeauxour palates.

Château Pilet White Bordeaux 2015

Gary moved this wine to the fridge yesterday.  He knew then that today we would be tasting at least one white wine and it would be this one.  I was not 100% onboard because Bordeaux to me means, heavy red wines.  I could not imagine that any white from the region would be of interest to me given my limited palate for white wines.   But I was totally wrong, and I am glad that he introduced me to this wine.

This is a classic example of me saying, “I don’t like white wine!”. Especially because the wine is primarily Sauvignon Blanc and I am not a fan of that grape and all that it brings to a glass of wine.  But sister, I was absolutely wrong and can not wait until we open another bottle of this affordable, delectable wine.  I am thrilled to find another white that I really enjoy.  Summer is looking up.


Be sure not to drink this wine too cold as the chill pronounces a stronger grapefruit taste that disappears when not quite so cold.  At the proper temperature, your first sip will give the edges of your tongue a real tingle but subsequently smooths out after that.  It is smooth and full with great balance.  We both recognized Asian pear and white apricots on the palate.  Golly, it’s delicious.

This white Bordeaux wine is a blend of 60% Sauvignon Blanc and 40% Semillon which explains the bigger body and rich finish that stays with you.   Gary has been drinking this wine for several vintages.  This is my first but definitely not my last.

Where to Buy

Locally you can buy this wine at The Wine Shop at 3 Lockwood Ave., 2nd floor.  Or you can pick it up online at  You can also check with the importer HB Wine Merchants to see if it is distributed in your area.

Gérard Bertrand Cote des Roses Rosé 2016

rosé wine

Two things happened on Tuesday that make talking about this wine serendipitous.  First Costco had it back in stock at $11.99, so I picked up a couple of bottles and second, a dear friend while shopping at Costco sent me a text with a picture of this wine asking me if I knew it and what I thought.  It seems like the planets were aligning to discuss this wonderful Languedoc rosé.

I first had the 2015 vintage when Costco bought it in as a test.  It sold out quickly in our store, so I guess that is why the 2016 vintage is now part of their rotation.  I honestly do not know if this wine is available throughout the chain, but I can tell you I also saw it at World Market for a few bucks more than Costco.


This wine is bright and fresh on the palate with a dry finish.  We taste ripe honeydew melon and a hint of citrus.  This is a great cocktail rosé but maintains enough acid to also hold up to food, specifically fried seafood or mildly spicy foods.  We had no trouble enjoying this wine with our delivered pizza with old world pepperoni.

This wine is a blend of Grenache Cinsault and Syrah although I do not know at what percentage.

Where to Buy

If you are not a Costco member or have a World Market nearby, you can pick up this wine online at at a slightly higher price.

Remember I did mention this wine previously that it is also selling at Harris Teeter stores at a highly inflated price of $21.99

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