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Whine: Not My Week for Wine

Whine: The Gamble

Whine wine

I have become a huge fan of Chateauneuf-du-Pape white wine. It hurts the wallet real bad as an everyday wine, but it makes a perfect celebration wine. They are incredibly delicious and perfect for my palate and wine style. So when the opportunity arose to purchase and drink a vintage 1999 bottle, I had to jump on it. The price was only about 20% higher which made it an easy yes, but that also meant that this wine might have come from a collector or an estate sale leaving its care once initially sold in question. I was working with a reputable wine merchant, so I saw a definite gamble but a low risk.

Are some of you maybe wondering, a twenty-year-old bottle of white wine, really? Could it be any good?  The answer is yes. It could be delicious. But it could also have spoiled, and that is the gamble { whine a little}.  I really wanted to give this a shot because I would imagine few if any of you would have an opportunity like this and I wanted to share my experience.

The Taste

When I brought it home, Gary was skeptical (because of the price) but was a willing participant. The next day once the bottle was properly chilled we popped the cork. I was super excited and could not wait for the wine to hit my glass. Drum roll, please… What a bummer! It had already turned. { whine } It hit the glass and was a brownish sherry wine color which was not what I wanted to see {triple whine }. That in and of itself showed spoilage, but I wanted to taste it anyway. I did, but should not have. It was bitter and a tad sweet but mostly bitter and old tasting. {major whine } We poured the wine back into the bottle, corked it and later took it back to the store.

Whine: Low Risk

When we brought it back to the store, the store owner poured a small amount into the glass and immediately said, “yep, that’s bad.”     { whine } So we then began getting the scoop on how this wine came into the store. It was in fact, from a collector and someone the wine seller trusts. It was stored in a temperature, humidity and light controlled wine cellar since the day it was originally purchased.

That being the case, the bottle went bad for other reasons that we will never know. But the next question was… The store had two more bottles, did I want to give it another try? If not, I could select something else of equal value.  I really, really wanted this to be a good experience. Gary again was skeptical. But I chose to try again.

whineLong Story Short

Yep, that bottle was also spoiled. { whine and sad face} Per our arrangement since I already returned the first bottle, I was asked to report back “good or spoiled,” and if spoiled I would have a credit at the store.

This is an experience I want to have. So stay tuned until the next opportunity presents itself.

Returning Spoiled Wine

To be clear, the wine seller did everything correctly.  He was confident that the wine had proper provenance before choosing to purchase from the collector and accepted the return from me when it turned out to be spoiled. It happens.  Wine can spoil and will spoil. (That will be a topic for another post.)

If there is one piece of advice I would give you now, it is this; always return the spoiled wine to the store where it was purchased along with the receipt. The wine seller can get a credit from the wholesaler and therefore give you credit. If you do not return the wine most stores will not give you a credit. Also returning an empty bottle because you poured the wine down the sink is also not acceptable. Obviously returning a bottle of wine that you purchased some time ago probably will not be accepted by the wine seller because there is no way to determine how the wine was stored after you took it home.


Whine wine

This Rosé is a Gary, “Love it.”
Me, “Not So Much.”

Since we were both in the mood for a glass of wine, we decided to open a bottle of rosé from a favorite wine maker of Gary’s from Corbiéres AOC in Southern France, Domaine de Fontsainte. He is a big fan of their red wine, and so when he found the rosé, it was a must purchase.

The Taste

This wine is a pale coral. The is a light note of melon on the nose. Gary found this wine to be bright, fresh and clean and well balanced.  I thought it was acidic with a slight effervescence. Gary commented that what I call effervescent, he calls bright. I was searching for the fruit on my palate. My best guess is lemon rind and grapefruit. Neither of which I am a fan which is why I was so focused on “acidic”.

Gary did not have the same response and said what I find acidic he finds fresh and clean. He said that this wine does not have much “fruit” which is why he believes I do not like it so much. Gary tastes minerality  – wet stone and slate on the finish. I did not. My conclusion for this wine is that it is very drinkable and for me, perhaps with food I would be happier.  This was a perfect wine for Gary, and he felt neighbor Natalie would also love it.



Whine wine


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