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Welcome to Strong Coffee to Red Wine

Welcome one and all.  What is Strong Coffee to Red Wine?  Simply put we are a lifestyle blog designed to share my self-employed, home most of the week life through stories, tasty affordable wines and wine stuff, food finds and recipes that are worth sharing, and a little bit of my fine art photographs.  I will also feature what I call…. “The little big things”   something so small it really should not be worth the real estate on the blog but has changed my life in a way that is huge.

So why name it STRONG COFFEE TO RED WINE?  Well, it is  how I always start my day,  every day and it’s how I end my day.   As a matter of fact, I have become a bit of a snob when it comes to my coffee and my wine.  I am very particular and I like what I like.  I am not educated on the beverages but maintain very strong opinions about my choices.  So I plan on sharing what I find, what I like.

Coffee is my morning.  It is how I start every day.  So much so that our house of only 2 occupants has 4 coffee systems with three on our kitchen counter ready and waiting for action.  We have a Keurig for that first cup when our feet it the floor.  Then we make a pot in our Cuisinart 12-cup brewer using the “bold” setting so that the drip of water is slow and pulls much more flavor from the just ground beans.  Then there is our illy Y3 iperespresso, our one touch espresso maker when I need a more intense jolt in my cup.  Lastly we have a french press if we lose power.  Because every day starts with coffee, lots and lots of coffee or I don’t get out of bed.  

Welcome Strong Coffee to Red Wine

More details on my brewer choices and the coffee we drink in later posts.

With wine  I plan to recruit my friends and family into the process because we get together frequently.  We do not share the same style choices and varieties, so to give you a broader point of view, I will provide the likes and dislikes of my posse.  We say “we do not drink a lot, we drink often and we certainly have fun.  No wine-speak from us but descriptions and feedback that you will understand as well as where you can find it in Charleston and online.  I always hated that wine magazines talk about wines that you can never find.  So no worries, I got you!

This is a work in progress so I welcome your feedback as I navigate this new venture.

So follow along with me on my life’s journey. Perhaps when you are enjoying your coffee… or wine.  And remember…..I drink coffee all day until it’s acceptable to drink wine. 

New Year Welcome
Our Sparkling Rose to bring in the New Year. – Welcome!



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