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Cheers to a Very Long Weekend

* Happy 4th of July and Hopefully a Fun-filled Weekend *

I usually do not post on the weekend, but with what looks to be a long one for some, I thought you might have a free minute or two. Not to mention, I did miss posting on Friday due to “a dental procedure.”  And yes, being a typical guy, I was fraught with pain and completely incapacitated the rest of the day. I was also clueless about what to do to make it go away.  Having been blessed with a sturdy set of teeth, I am just not used to that much digging and poking and prodding inside my mouth.  So after an ice pack all day which really did not help, Gary finally got home and said, “Ummmm, why didn’t you take ibuprofen?”  So I maxed out the allowable dosage and promptly fell asleep. When I woke up the pain was all gone. The weekend is looking up for me. What about you?

A Quick Survey

Since then my mind has been racing with questions that I have for you and I needed to find a way to ask them.  So I did and now here they are.  So when you have a couple of minutes would you please take this 11 question survey. It will certainly help me learn a bit about you. And in turn,  make the blog even better and more suited to your desires.  Surveys may come periodically, I hope that is ok.  It should only take 2 or 3 minutes and it would mean the world to me.

This survey is mostly about wine but there is a response available for any non-wine drinkers.

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