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Thirty Years – Life Together

Thirty years ago today, Gary and I went on our first date. We have been a couple ever since. Back then marriage was not an option so we were just together and that was enough. We moved in together about ten months later when our leases expired. As time passed, that date, June 18th, became our anniversary.

Like all couples, there were a few bumps in the road during our first year, but after that, we settled into coupledom with ease. I hear folks talk about relationships being “hard,” and I understood because I watched couples around us struggle. But for us, it was and still is easy. That is not to say that we always agree, but we always seem to work it out without conflict or hardship. Perhaps that is because we do not have gender role expectations and/or because we chose not to bring children into our family. I do not know but I am still very much in love and I know Gary feels the same way.

Thirty Years of Family & Friends

It certainly helped that we have very supportive and loving families that accepted the spouse as an “in-law.” Our families remain a big part of our lives and we would not have it any other way. Our network of friends from our days in Chicago and now Charleston have also been a constant source of support. So Thank YOU, family and friends, for being there for us as we have navigated the past three decades together. We would not want it any other way.

Five years ago (this September), we legally tied the knot while on vacation in Provincetown, MA. It became legal on a federal level, so we figured why not. It was just the two of us and some new friends in Ptown who wanted to support us. Gary and I saw this as “paperwork” since we had already been together for so long.

Then in March the following year, we threw a party to celebrate “being legal.” We had a film put together to share with our guests that looked back on our lives together.

So on this day, now thirty years since that first date, I want to share the film with you.

Thanks for being a part of our lives.

P.S. Tonight we are drinking a 2015 Domaine du Vieux Lazarus Chateaunuef du Pape Blanc.


rick & gary

thirty years


  1. kathy harden

    You two haven’t aged a bit in 30 years! Look the same as you did from our Chicago days. Miss you both – think of you often – wishes for another happy 30 years! FYI – Darrell and I just celebrated 21 years – we have a ways to catch up with you two! Love you both! Kathy & Darrell

  2. Allison Tillery

    You don’t know me but what a beautiful video. Your love shines through!!

  3. congratulations! happy Anniversary!

    • Thank you so much. Time flies…. That us for sure.

  4. Cheers to 30 years and many more!

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