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The Wine Club for Tasting and Education

The Wine Club is a private club for the purpose of learning about wine through education and tastings
for wine lovers and as well as folks that want to learn more about wine.
Three different ways to taste, learn and purchase directly (DTC) from wineries who do not have distribution
in South Carolina as well as through licensed retailers for those who do have distribution
You choose what works for you.

Signature Tastings:

Invitation-only, private tastings for folks who love quality wine but wish to taste it before they buy. These tastings are buying opportunities.

My Signature Tastings are for the lover of small-batch, hand-crafted, premium wines that are not available through local distribution channels and therefore only available direct from the winery to the consumer. I select the winery from my relationships with wineries around the country that make and sell some of the best wines in their region. These wines are traditionally only available to taste in their local tasting rooms until now when I bring these wines to you. Taste with me at a private event but buy direct from the winery.

The Wine Club: Wine Education and Tastings:

These tastings are for anyone who enjoys wine and wants to learn more about it. Each event we will taste four to six wines and discuss the who, what, where, when and how of each wine.

Some example tastings may include topics like:

  • Rosé is more than just pink wine and why White Zinfandel gave it a bad name.
  • So you think you only like red wine?
  • ABC (Anything BUT Chardonnay) Should not be a thing – Why you probably don’t hate all Chardonnay?
  • How to read a wine label and why you need to know how?
  • Obscure Wines you’ve probably never heard of.
  • Sparkling Wine is not just for celebrations
  • Old World Wines versus New World Wines.
  • Pinot Noir * Pinot Gris * Pinot Blanc – It’s a Family Affair
  • Blends – Outstanding affordable Red and White Wine Blends

Wine Social:

Forget buying, learning, and analyzing. Let’s just have fun. These are gatherings, happy hours, takeovers and more.

  • We may take over a local wine bar (cash bar).
  • We may gather at a wine shop for one of their tastings.
  • Not sure how else this might manifest itself but we will gather and enjoy wine.

Sign up for The Wine Club here:  Become A Strong Coffee to Red Wine Taster