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Tag: O’Hara and Flynn Wine Bar

One Year: Wow, It Flew By

Oh. My. God. Where did the time go? One year and a month ago, I started Strong Coffee to Red Wine. I can’t believe that the anniversary passed already and I did not notice. I guess that is because my nose is to the grindstone. But alas, it dawned on me today as I was reflecting on some of the comments I have recently received regarding recent posts… Ginger was thrilled to have found all of the Cariñena wines at her local Trader Joe’s and is having her own tasting party on Super Bowl Sunday while “the boys” watch the game.   Last…

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Wine Tasting & August Social Recap

Wow, I needed this wine tasting. Too many crises and juggling way too much. It could not have come a day too soon. Since I last posted a lot continues to happen to limit my ability to post every day.  Yes, my crashed computer was misdiagnosed and then “fixed” but not really. Then three days later, fixed again only this time for real. But now that first fix is causing problems because it conflicts with much of my image editing software. I can either spend seven hundred to a thousand dollars to update software.  Or I can get it back to…

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August Social & Wine Tasting is TONIGHT Aug 3

What better way to turn the dark days of my July into the fun days of August. The August Social & Wine Tasting is tonight and I can not wait to see those of you who can make it. I have missed you and am sorry that I went dark for several days. That is what happens when your computer crashes multiple times over several days. And after two trips to the Apple store it gets an extended stay and they promise it won’t come home until its fixed. Add to that the kitchen incident that you already know about,…

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Fun Day Friday: A Potpourri

It has been a great week for Strong Coffee to Red Wine.  There are two events/happening that I want to share with you. There is a post update on one of my favorite wines, and a funny little story about my Gary.  Never a dull moment in this house. This post is a quick read so you can get on with your weekend.  Fasten your seatbelt here we go… I am not sure about your weekend, but I won’t be spending time outside at my house around dusk for a while.  The cicadas have sprung forth and it is so loud…

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