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goat.sheep.cow.north I have done many things at goat.sheep.cow.north. I have gone to a wine tasting, bought several bottles of wine and a few blocks of cheese, and I have sat at the bar and had a glass or two of wine. But what I have not done is sit down at a table to drink wine and eat. So that is what we did last Friday with Liz and her lifelong friends, Diane and Stephen from Atlanta. But first, know that goat.sheep.cow.north is three entities all wrapped into one location. It is a curated wine store. It is the best…

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Obviously Different: A Child & A Wine

All About You: An Adopted Child’s Memoir Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing that you look nothing like anyone in your family. And when you ask, all you get is lies. Imagine seeing that your parents treat you differently than your sibling and when you call it to their attention they lie. You can see that you are obviously different, but your family and your entire community lies. Side note: Liz and I have been “photographer friends” for several years. When we would run into each other around town or at photographer gatherings, we would chat and visit…

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Top Spots: My Charleston Eats

The other day I was asked by a reader, “What are the two Charleston restaurants that someone visiting Charleston should not miss?  My first reaction to that question was…. Wow!  How can I pick just two? There are so many factors that could play into the answer.  So today’s post is all about my favorite spots to eat. My Charleston Eats is arbitrary and based solely on my experiences.  I will list a few others at the bottom that are certainly notable but did not make my list for some reason.  This post will become a page that is on my…

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Obscure Wine, Surprising Wine – Updated!

I do hate to admit it, but I am lusting for an obscure wine. To satisfy my craving, I joined the Paris Wine Club.  I found this club when refining my search looking for that La Galoche Beaujolais Blanc back in May.  That search turned me on to so many great wine opportunities connecting me with McCarus Beverage Co. here in Charleston and Paris Wine Company in Northern California.  In addition to being an importer and distributor, Paris Wine Company has a club that features small winemakers throughout France that produce lower volume, classic French wines that do not usually see the light of…

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