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Tag: Cork Dork

Cheers: Sandhi Chard & Gobelsburg Rosé

Cheers to ya and Happy Wednesday. As the introduction to the first wine that I want to share with you, I need to bring up that book I just finished, Cork Dork.  About half way through the book there is a chapter titled, “The Orgy.” It is all about an exclusive wine event in New York City called La Paulée.  Imagine an event that costs $1,500 to attend, AND you have to bring your own bottle from your cellar. And not just any bottle either, it has to be a “treasure” aka extremely expensive and rare.  Ok, you get my…

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Simple Pleasures – The ReSet

Vacations like the one I just had are the perfect opportunity for a reset. I did not plan it that way as I planned to blog throughout the trip. It took a couple of days, but once I settled in, I hit the wall that said: “Stop!, Relax and Enjoy yourself.” Thankfully I listened. But I have been home now for five days, and now as I get back to the grind, I am trying to remember the simple pleasures of my daily life, so I don’t “need” a vacation reset so much. Paper and Ink It has been a…