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goat.sheep.cow.north I have done many things at goat.sheep.cow.north. I have gone to a wine tasting, bought several bottles of wine and a few blocks of cheese, and I have sat at the bar and had a glass or two of wine. But what I have not done is sit down at a table to drink wine and eat. So that is what we did last Friday with Liz and her lifelong friends, Diane and Stephen from Atlanta. But first, know that goat.sheep.cow.north is three entities all wrapped into one location. It is a curated wine store. It is the best…

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Uncelebrated Holiday, Updates & more

Happy Labor Day! Labor Day is an uncelebrated holiday. Probably the most uncelebrated of all the federal holidays.  Most see it as the last three day weekend of the summer to enjoy with family before the school year “get’s serious.”   In actuality, this holiday was created by President Grover Cleveland as what was considered political “appeasement” to trade workers after the Pullman strike and subsequent riots and loss of lives at The Pullman Company in Chicago in 1894.  I will not bore you with the details, but there is an excellent summary here if you are interested. I see it a…

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Cheese Desert No More

If there is anything that I learned from living in Sweden as a high schooler and later traveling extensively throughout Europe, it is the following: You should not be able to see the bottom of your coffee cup when it’s full of just coffee. The darker and blacker the better. Wine is not just a beverage.  It can be for celebration or just dinner.  It can compliment, or it can stand alone. It is a great gift to give or receive even when you give and receive it to yourself. Bread should not be purchased in a plastic bag at a grocery store…

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