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Summer’s End – Wine Round Up: Pt 1

Over the past couple of months, Gary and I have tried a wide variety of wines. Wines we drank and liked but did not love. As it is said, you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince.  Well, for wine I would modify the saying to say, You have to kiss a lot of puppies to find your perfect dog. Dogs, like wine, are all wonderful beings but all breeds are not for all people, and the same goes for wine.

To love a wine is to want to fill one of our coolers with it. Liking it is is just that. We liked it. It just did not match either of our palate preferences enough to take it any further. Let me be clear.  These are well made and drink worthy wines.And you may love one of these wines. Worst case, the information I provide may help you choose a wine you find locally. So pace yourself, this is the beginning of summer’s end wine roundup.

A Hurricane Irma Sidebar

I intended to blast out about ten wines today. But that is not happening, and the summer’s end round up may now take two days as I got started writing very late in the afternoon due to the various other tasks from the four different hats that I wear every day that needed attention. Next thing I knew it was 8 pm and my sisters arrived to have our family hurricane planning and evacuation meeting so we can help each other if we need to board up and if we need to evacuate. This is my youngest sister’s first hurricane as she was out of town during Matthew last year and so it took some talking. The meeting lasted for an hour and 45 minutes… ok fine we drank some wine during the meeting… but now here I sit at 10 pm, and I still have not finished the white wines, and I have about four more rosés and a sparkling rosé to share with you.  So that will come to you over the weekend or after the hurricane whichever is worse.

Summer’s End Round Up – Red

summer round up

Villa Wolf Pinot Noir 2014 

I bought and tried this wine because I was and still am searching for a German red wine that was similar to one I had back in my days of managing a German Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio after I graduated from college. This was not it. But it is a pleasant, easy drinking Pinot Noir. It would have been better with a slight chill on it. As far as the body goes, I would say it is a cross between the light Oregon style and the medium-bodied California style. The color is a classic garnet. Light acidity. Dry but with mild tannins. The nose is fruity with blackberry, black currant, and cherry hard candy. The palate is cola, cherry and white pepper.



MacMurray Estate Vineyards Central Coast California Pinot Noir 2014

This is a top shelf grocery store wine. I have bought this label, but that was before I read Cork Dork. Now I have questions, lots of questions about how this wine seems to be so consistent year after year.  I am choosing not to leave notes because my questions are endless about any wine with this large a distribution channel.

Summer’s End  Round Up – White

La Bégou Corbières White 2014

This wine was purchased with Gary in mind. I had been getting so many bottles that matched my palate that Justin at Monarch Wine Merchants said it was time for me to throw a bone to Gary.  We chose a Corbières because of Gary’s fondness to this AOC/region.

This white wine is straw yellow with a greenish hue. It has an intense nose of bitter orange liquor and petroleum. On the palate, it is low in acid with a mild flavor of a mix of lime and seven-up. The lime stays with you through to the finish. This would be good with warm water flaky white fish.

So sorry, Irma has really messed with this day.


That is all for now.



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