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Searching For Summer White Wines – Updated

It is safe to assume based on the name of my blog that my wine choices are usually red (and rosé).  It would be a safe assumption since I did not drink any white wine at all until the summer of 2015.  Before that point, I always said that I did not “like” white wine.  What I was so astutely informed was, I just had not found any white wines that I liked yet.  The distinction, of course, is the “yet.”  Since that time I have found a white wine profile that I do like, and now I am in search for those wines.

I struck out on my own

So tonight I had some time to kill, and the only white wine in my cooler that I truly enjoy is a $38.00 Chateauneuf-du-Pape.  If I drank this wine, I would be in the “doghouse” since Gary was not home to share it with me so I decided to pop into the new location of goat * sheep *cow north, a gourmet specialty cheese shop.  It is my first visit to either of the locations, but this one is new and parking a breeze, so it is time.  Because this store is much larger than the downtown retail store, they have added a wine bar.  What a nice way to kill an hour and get out of the house than to sit in a wine bar trying a new wine.  Regarding the shop, it is amazing but more on the shop another time.

Domaine de Bellevue * La Galoche Beaujolais Blanc 2016

For now back to my new favorite white wine.  I told the bartender I wanted a white wine but that my palate for whites is quite narrow.   I mentioned that I like white blends from Côte du Rhone region at which point she brought over someone with more knowledge to assist me.  The wine list by the glass is fairly typical with the exception of one wine – the La Galoche Beaujolais Blanc 2016.  I was intrigued because I had never heard of a Beaujolais Blanc.   It is organically grown.  Made from 30-year-old Chardonnay vines grown on one hectare of land in the Beaujolais AOC. It is aged in stainless steel tanks. 100% chardonnay.

Heaven in a bottle

I have to tell you it was love at first sip.  It is full-bodied, round, and soft.  The fruit was present and accounted for as it is not camouflaged by aging in oak barrels.  I know this sounds corny, but it was like my mouth is hugging this wine.  There is nice minerality and a pleasant acid finish.  I could not have been happier.  This wine is only sold at goat * sheep* cow on the wine bar side of the store, so it is not really affordable to “take out.”  If I had to guess this wine will retail for about $21 a bottle and I will track this one down.  I am confident that Gary and all of my wine posse will love this wine.

I am passing along all the information I have on this wine because we all must find this wine where we live.  In South Carolina, it is distributed by McCarus Beverage Company.  Elsewhere, I would start with the company that represents Domaine de Bellevue.   They sell this wine through the Paris Wine Company, a firm that represents small producers that otherwise would not be on the international stage.

If you are in Charleston go enjoy a glass of this fabulous wine at goat. sheep. cow. north at 804 meeting st. CHS, SC 29403

UPDATE: This wine is very limited and is only distributed in California, Colorado and South Carolina.  If you want to try and track some down send me an email and I will see if I can find additional information for you.


Delle Venezie * Gaetano D’Aquino * Pinot Grigio 2015

Gary loves a crisp, dry Pinot Grigio.  These are “Tuesday” wines, grab anytime, nothing special, hot outside kind of white wine.  His palate is much broader than mine, and he likes more variety in style and price. Now I have said before; wine does not have to be expensive to be good. However, I generally don’t look at wines that are less than $10 a bottle.  So when he wanted to try this $4.46 bottle from Trader Joe’s, I thought why not… It is an easy risk to take because if he does not like it, we did not lose a chunk of change.   Well, quell surprise, he loves it.

Delle Venezie is Italy’s largest wine producer by volume, so that explains the low, price for Trader Joe’s.  But how does it taste?

For me: Crisp with intense citrus flavors.  That was all I got.  But for Gary: Dry, crisp, and medium- bodied with a hint of citrus and pleasant minerality in the finish.  It offers a clean nose and would go perfectly with a grilled fish or other light summer meal.  Gary asked that I keep this wine in the cooler because this will be his everyday wine this summer.

I have more work to do to find additional white wines for the summer season.  These two are a good start, and I will report back soon with more.






Here's to being mature enough to celebrate wine Wednesday instead of Tequila Tuesday.

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