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I know… another email in your inbox.  But if you subscribe, I may just put a smile on your face or give you a great idea for dinner or help you find a great bottle of wine.  Besides you have the option to only get an email from me on the days I post (weekdays) or just once a week.  Of course, daily keeps you current but weekly is good too.  It allows you to look over the 4-5 posts that were made that week and decide if there are any you want to read.

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What?  You have to ask….. should I be offended!  Nah!

  • We help you find great wines at affordable prices that you can buy now.
  • We share our recipes and food hacks to add spice to your cooking life.
  • Because we love to share our ideas, our hacks, our zest for life.
  • Because I am funny and can tell a good story… ok I will let you be the judge of that.
  • We showcase great gift ideas that will reduce your search time online and in-store.
  • There are the Little BIG things that changed my life so why not yours.
  • Puppies are cute. Not sure why that matters but it does.
  • I post great photography that could be incredible wall art
  • You want a quick read when you drink your morning cup of joe
  • Need I go on?
  • No really… you need more reasons?
  • It’s because you like me… you really like me.

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  1. Giveaways for sharing content on your social media accounts and for making comments on my posts.
  2. Invitations to special wine events hosted by Strong Coffee to Red Wine.
  3. Do you have any ideas for subscriber benefits?  Let me know and I will consider adding it to the list.