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Sandwich: A Hen, Goat, Lobster and a Bear

Think of today’s post as a mashup. Only this is a mashup of two different lunch experiences.  And no I did not eat a hen, a goat or a bear; although I have eaten hens and goats in the past, never a bear.

Hen and The Goat


You are heading to Folly Beach, and you forgot to eat lunch, what do you do? Or you are in the mood for a killer sandwich, the likes of which Charleston has not seen before, what do you do? The answer to both of those questions is to head down Folly Road just before Camp Rd. and eat or get take out at Hen and the Goat.  The restaurant address is 869 Folly Road on James Island. So just put that address into Google maps and get yourself there.  Friends Bryan and Craig were the first to go there and raved about it.  Me being more of a food snob, I was doubtful.  But I admit I was oh, so utterly wrong.  This place and these sandwiches are incredible.

When you walk in the door there is a flurry of activity behind the counter and in the kitchen with a wall of large menu cards.  SALADS – FISH – POULTRY – COW – PIG – VEGGIE with each header having four to five different sandwiches listed below.  It was impossible to decide, so I asked the gal taking my order.  She said her favorite is the Artisan.  Done!

Artisan Sandwich

This sandwich is grilled sliced roast beef with chimichurri, red onion marmalade, melted manchego cheese on a ciabatta roll. It sells for $12.00. (Most of the sandwiches are $9 or $10.)  This sandwich was perfection.  The beef is juicy and tender.  The condiments are the perfect blend of fresh herbs, a little heat and savory sweet onion marmalade topped with a tangy cheese.  The ciabatta was fresh and held the sandwich together while also soaking up the juices so that every bite was as good as the one before.


They have a small deli fridge with the bottom shelf filled with 4 or five salads including potato, pasta, quinoa, and tomato & mozzarella, and a mixed fruit salad.  The top shelf is all housemade cheesecakes.  That day they served peanut butter cheesecake and plain.  I am not sure because I eat cheesecake so infrequently, but I think a tear welled up in my right eye as I ate my first bite topped with a strawberry sauce/jam/concoction with which I am now completely in love!

Ok, I need to pause.  Just so you know I love fresh ripe strawberries but cooked strawberries of any kind including jam, or sauce or anything, I think is disgusting. But the owner said I would like it, so I had to give it a go.  OMG, I loved it!

Did I mention they also serve breakfast?   They do, from 7:00 am to 11:00 am?  Then lunch is from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, but they will soon be staying open until 7:00 pm for the early dinner crowd.


The Immortal Lobster

After vacationing in Provincetown on Cape Cod each year for the past five years, I have grown very fond of lobster rolls.  It is probably now my preferred way to eat lobster.  I generally do not order lobster anywhere except when I am in the Northeast because it is so easy to overcook and I am not confident that the person cooking it will do it well.  And then a guy from Maine created The Immortal Lobster food truck with the expertise to do it well, and I had to track him down.



Wherever The Immortal Lobster is located that day, you can bet there is a line.  The menu is quite simple.  It is Maine lobster in various sandwiches, lobster bisque, and a Maine Red Snapper Hot Dog.  I had the Maine Lobster Roll.  It is clean and fresh and just enough mayonnaise on the bottom of the bun to provide a creaminess to the sandwich but not overpower the delicate taste of the chilled lobster. The top split roll is locally made which made me skeptical but is grilled to perfection AND delicious.  They also hand make their own potato chips, and while I am sure there is no room for a kettle in the truck, they look and taste like Cape Cods.


For a brief few minutes as I strolled up King St. eating my lobster roll, I pretended I was already on the Cape, and I was in heaven.


Ok, the title also mentioned a bear.  There is no bear. I was just playing around, and it made the post sound intriguing.




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