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Repour – A Fantastic New Wine Preserver

A Video Post

I am trying something new this week and made a video post. Trust that I have no idea what I am doing as far as video editing is concerned so this was all done in a single take on my iPhone. Yeah, if I knew how to edit a digital video, I could have changed a few things and made it “more professional.” But this is what it is, and I actually love it and think it’s not bad for a first try. Besides this post is more about seeing than reading, so I hope you enjoy.


Repour The Affordable Wine Preserver

Last November while attending the Wine Bloggers Conference, I was provided a sample for Repour, a new wine preservation product. Now you may be asking why it has taken seven months to write about it and the honest answer is, we usually polish off the entire bottle in one sitting. If you have no partial bottles, its kind of hard to give it a try.

But a week ago Monday, I was part of a livestream with other wine writers. We talk about a wine-related topic and drink wine. The podcast is pretty interesting. It was a discussion about “points over palate” The podcast is not available yet, but when it is I will let you know.

At any rate, by the time the livestream was done, I still had a half a bottle, and I was exhausted and just wanted to go to bed. The wine I drank was Teutonic Wine Co. 2016 Pinot Noir Oregon. I bought it at Monarch Wine Merchants, and it sells for $31.99. While not expensive by many standards when it comes to wine, it certainly is more than I want to pay to pour half of it down the drain.  So I finally had a bottle to test my Repour sample. BTW: This wine is great! Light like most Oregon Pinot Noir but enough heft to please any Pinot drinker.

The Repour Pitch

The pitch for the product is that Repour is a wine preserver and stopper that removes harmful oxygen from your wine that can save an open bottle of wine for days, weeks even months.

Well, the Vaccu-seal that we use barely keeps wine “fresh-ish” for 24 hours, so this seemed like it was worth a try. So watch the video and tell me what you think.



Repour – The Results

You can purchase Repour on for the same price as direct from the manufacturer. The four-pack is $8.99, and the ten-pack is $17.99.

I am so pleased with how well this worked that I will be ordering a ten-pack.

That is all for now.



P.S. I finished the remainder of the bottle after we finished the video. I was thirsty.


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  1. Great job on your first video! Loved it

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