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Readers Questions & Favorite Things

Today I thought I would share with you some of the questions I have gotten from readers that pertain to wine and the consumption of alcohol. I am thrilled that folks will reach out and I figured that if one person asks a question, many others may be curious as well. But before I start, I have to give a shout out to one of my readers. On Monday when the post about Kelly Fleming Wines went live, I received this picture. That is a bottle of Kelly Fleming 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon that he received as a birthday present from a friend who “loves” Kelly Fleming Wines. All I gotta say is… What a great friend! Since it is a gift, they had never been to the winery so reading my post was the next best thing. How cool is that!



A Few Readers Questions

Q. Wow, you drink a lot! How do you avoid hangovers?

A. First, I have a saying. I do not drink a lot; I drink often! That said, there has been an occasion here and there of being “over-served.” But that is not the question, so now let me give you my answer.

It is all about hydration. And I am horrible at drinking enough water any time, not just when consuming wine. So drink water…. lots of water especially before you go to bed. It is best to drink one glass of water between each glass of wine.  But sometimes that does not happen so I always keep this product on hand. I found that it works really well. It is called Drip Drop.  It was created by a doctor working in sub-Saharan Africa on a mission trip working with populations that suffered from life-threatening dehydration. Long story, short…It worked so well, he commercialized it, and now it is used by pro athletes, runners, and many others when participating in any activity that causes dehydration. And since drinking alcohol can cause dehydration, it has become a popular remedy for hangovers as well.

For the record, I also drink this after, walking the dog, shooting an outdoor wedding or other photo sessions when I am hot and sweaty.

It is sold directly from the manufacturer, at Walgreens, and on Amazon.  I have tried the lemon and the watermelon. There is also a berry flavor, but I have not tried it yet. It comes in two serving sizes. I use the smaller 8 ounces of water size.


Q. What type of corkscrew do you use?

A. We own several styles of corkscrew but have found that it is best to keep it simple. I use the “professional waiter’s double-hinged corkscrew.” It is small, super affordable and takes up very little space. It is also consistently reliable. Many have said that they find it too difficult to use, but it makes me wonder if they bought the double-hinged style. The featured image above is the one I use all the time, and it was a promotional give away, so I am sure it was not expensive. It just works. Below is a video that I found on YouTube that shows you the proper way to use this type of corkscrew.


Q. What is Mega Purple? 

A. Mega Purple is a brand of wine concentrate made from grapes. It adds a darker color and a touch of sweetness when added to any wine.  It is a food grade additive that mass market and industrial winemakers will add to boost the color of a lackluster red wine.

Q. Part 1 – Does using the correct wine glass make the wine taste better?

A. The technical answer is YES. But the answer really depends on who is asking and what you are drinking.

If you are drinking chilled white wine and it is in any quality wine glass you are probably ok. That said, white wine is usually served in a Bordeaux style glass with a smaller bowl.

If you are a red wine drinker, who wants to go no deeper than, “Yep, I like this,” “Yep, I really like this” or “Nope, not for me.” Then the answer is no; it does not matter. You will get the needed information that is required to make that determination regardless of the glass you use.  The serving temperature of the wine will play a bigger role in this situation than the glass.

But if you are a red wine enthusiast who likes to parse out the aromas on the nose, the complex flavors across your palate, and the texture and weight of the wine? Then the answer is yes. To get the maximum experience from a Burgundy wine you need it served in a Burgundy glass. The same goes for Bordeaux. The glasses are designed to bring the wine to your nose and mouth with the proper surface area to assist you in pulling out all the details that your senses can gather.

pinot noir

Q. Part 2 – So what glasses do you need?

A. There are all-purpose wine glasses that may be enough of a glass for many, but if you are reading my blog you may want to take the next step and at least have a set for red wine and a set for white wine. If you drink more Pinot Noir than Cabernet Sauvignon, then go with a set of Burgundy glasses. Or if its Cab over Pinot then the answer is to choose Bordeaux red wine glasses. If you drink both equally the pick one and be happy with your choice.

If you are obsessed like me? You have all three.

I have been buying Spiegelau Wine glasses for the past ten years for myself and as gifts. They are made from no lead crystal that is dishwasher safe (Although I hand wash).  While they will break, they are the sturdiest glasses I have ever used which is why I continue to use them. The only other glass I would buy is the restaurant/commercial Riedel if you can get your hands on them. However, they are not sold directly to consumers.


Burgundy Red Set of Four


Bordeaux Red Set of Four  readersBordeaux White Wine Set of Four

Well folks that is all the time I have, so….





  1. Yupp. Added Drip Drop to the ole Amazon cart. I have a feeling I’m going to need it after my first post-baby outing.

  2. Jenelle Gordon

    Can you do a review of box wine please?! Momma’s gotta send her babies to college 😉

    • Just want you to know, I have been on a mission for boxed wine. I tried the one you recommended and it was not a good fit for my palate. But I will persevere.

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