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Ptown, So Long & Wine We Drank


Our Ptown vacation has come to an end. It was the longest we have ever stayed (7 nights/8 days), and it was still a few days too short. I needed some more down time, but it was just not in the cards.

We only caught one show, comedian and television comedy writer Bruce Vilanch. You may not know his name, but you have heard his jokes as he has written for many, as well as the writer for the Academy Award shows.


We missed an extraordinary opportunity but hope to hear about it from friends who snagged tickets.  Sally Field had a show where she talked about her films and acting career along with her favorite clips from her body of work.  The tickets sold out in a New York minute, and while they added a second show, it was after we left.  Such a bummer.

Ptown brings in some incredible talent over the course of the summer, and the tickets are a fraction of the cost if this were to happen in New York, Los Angeles.

R&R&R – Rest, Relaxation and Read

But we did do as much relaxing as possible. Most of our days were spent as you see me above, sitting on the porch reading and people watching. Oh, and drinking coffee until it is time for wine.


We “sort of” become the talk of the house because when folks leave for the beach or shopping, we are sitting there on the porch reading and drinking coffee. That afternoon when they come home for Happy Hour, we are there reading and sipping wine. And then at the end of the night after wandering and eating dinner ourselves, we are back on the porch having a night cap.


Should we not be there, we find out the next morning that folks were sad that we were not there to greet them and “check them in” for the night. This is our Ptown vacation, and I would not have it any other way.

Lesson Learned

I shipped up a case of wine with the intent of doing a bunch of tastings. The eight wines below were on the schedule and trust when I say; we had no trouble drinking these wines, but the “tasting” was a bust. It was challenging to stay focused and finally, I gave up and chose to concentrate on the wines we found versus the wines we brought. I will have to repurchase some of them for tasting purposes.

I also thought I would post every day.  That did not happen either.  So my note for next year is to prepare posts ahead of time for the period I am gone and plan to relax and hang out with new friends, sip wine and laugh.

Wines Discovered in Ptown

I may not have done a very good job of “tasting” versus drinking the wines we brought from home. There were, however, several wines we discovered while dining out here in Ptown.  Here is the run-down:


M. DE MINUTY Côtes de Provence Rosé 2016

This rosé from Chateau Minuty is a classic French Provencal rosé using Grenache, Cinsault, and Syrah. This is bistro wine, poolside wine, even lunch wine. It is light and citrusy, mildly acidic with subtle floral and stone fruit notes.  Enjoy with a salad, poached salmon, even sushi. This wine is well-balanced and easy to drink. Seemed to be a popular wine as it was on multiple wine lists.


BROADBENT Vinho Verde DOC Rosé 2016

This wine is a bright pinkish red, made in classic Vinho Verde style. This wine is from all red, indigenous varietals including 40% Borraçal, 30% Espadeiro, 20% Amaral, 10% Vinhão.  Vinho Verde wines are meant to be young, low alcohol content and fruit forward with an effervescent finish derived from the release of carbon dioxide during malolactic fermentation. This wine is a beach day wine. Simple. Easy to drink. And Refreshing.

DOMAINE THIBERT-MIRANDA Saint-Véran White Burgundy 2015

This was my kind of white wine.  I LOVED it. Gary thought that it was too oaky and rich. I thought it was perfection. Strange how sometimes we are spot on together with some wines, but miles apart with others.

This white Burgundy is medium-bodied with long chunky legs. It has a rich mouthfeel, medium acid, and vanilla and baking spices on the palate. There are also hints of pineapple as we approached the finish that turned into a long, crispy citrus finish.

I had a great deal of trouble locating any information about the winemaker or its distribution when I searched online. I turned it over to Justin at Monarch Wine Merchants to see what he can find.


JOAO PORTUGAL RAMOS Loureiro Vinho Verde 2015

This white wine is what most folks think of when drinking a Vinho Verde. It is light and refreshing with a pale straw color. There is a brightness from start to finish with notes of green apple and lime.

What a coincidence that it was on this day that one of my readers reached out to me to ask about my experience with Portuguese wines. Now I know most of you probably think of Lancers or Mateus when you think of wine from Portugal. While harkening from way back when they are the ones that pop into my head first too.

Portugal’s wines tend to be overlooked. It is a small country that many have never traveled too as it is at the western edge of Europe, but they make some fantastic drinkable wines.

Side Note:  Provincetown aka Ptown was settled by Portuguese fishermen and for centuries remained as such. This, of course, was after the Pilgrims stopped here before heading to Plymouth (you know, famous for its Rock) There is a rich and long history of the Portuguese influences the settlers and generations after made in this area. Thus the number of wines from Portugal you will find in this town.

Glass Half Full

As I mentioned, we ship up wine. We have for years, and from our experience, it was always cheaper, and we knew we would have the wines we loved to drink. So imagine our surprise to find our fave rosé “on stack” (premium positioning) in the front of the store for the same price as back home. Actually, it is ultimately cheaper because there is no sales tax on wine in Massachusetts, being that wine is considered a necessity of life. And the 20% discount on case purchases. Gotta love that!

So next year we call ahead to make sure they have it and save, save, save!.


Well, that is all for now,




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