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Pink Bubbles from Mas de Daumas Gassac

In the summer of 2015, Gary and I met up with our with friends Bryan & Craig to spend ten days in France.  We spent a week in the Provence area using Villeneuve-lès-Avignon (a bedroom community next to Avignon) as our home base while exploring the south of France and then back up north for three days in Paris before heading home.  On this trip, we pre-arranged two winery tours whose wines we drink on a regular basis.  This post involves one wine from one of the wineries we visited that summer.

Mas de Daumas Gassac

Mas de Daumas GassacAt Mas de Daumas Gassac located in Aniane in the Gassac Valley, we wanted to a tour of the winery and also taste wines of theirs that we were not yet familiar.  We are a big fan so were very excited.

Getting to Aniane was a trip all by itself.  Ninety minutes of hilarity ensued as none of us speak French, or are very good at reading maps or French road signs while in a roundabout at warp speed.   However, we did arrive unharmed and without delay even though we were lost for at least 30 minutes. (Sorry for the little side note but even now when I think about that drive I start laughing.)

At any rate, one of the highlights of the day’s experience was tasting their wines especially the Rosé Frizant.  It is a sparkling rosé that is lightly effervescent, clean and very refreshing.  We absolutely loved it. So much so, that upon our return, we shared our Frizant experience with our local wine store owner and subsequently the importer/distributor. Because of our review, as soon as it was possible the importer brought in a limited quantity of cases of the current vintage.  It was late in the release of the wine but what they imported sold almost immediately. So now that the new vintage is released and kept in inventory, you can now find it at retail for those stores that are aware.

Tasting the 2016 Rosé Frizant

GRAPE VARIETIES: 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Mourvèdre, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon, Petit Manseng and Muscat

From the winemaker: A genuine rosé wine – it could almost be a fruit juice – delights the palate with lively fine bubbles, smooth fruity aromas, very fresh thanks to its low (11.5%) alcohol content!

We sat down to taste this wine on a warm Sunday afternoon.  We have been sitting on it since late February waiting for the perfect time to crack open the first bottle.  It has a very bright, clean start with perfect effervescence.  The tiny bubbles tickle your tongue while a fresh tartness causes the sides of the tongue to salivate.  Unlike the 2015 vintage that had intense ripe strawberry fruit, this year’s vintage is more subtle with a dry, early, not quite ripe berry finish.  This wine will be a perfect cocktail wine but will also hold up to food. Thus, it is also a perfect wine for brunch.  Sit back, relax and enjoy. Yep, it’s “easy like Sunday morning.”  We have shared this wine with many friends.  Everyone has loved it.  Seriously!

Where to buy

Local: If you are in Charleston you can pick up this wine at The Wine Shop at 3 Lockwood Drive, Second Floor.  (843) 577-3881.  It sells for approx. $28 a bottle. (her anniversary sale is coming up on Memorial Day weekend when everything is 20% off)

Online: When I could no longer get the 2015 vintage here in town, I ordered from this company… twice.  Prompt service and excellent prices.   Go to  If you buy six bottles at $23 each, you get it shipped for free.  Or buy 12 at $21 each and also get free shipping.

Note: If you read the 5-star review on their page, note the review is for the 2015 vintage.  2016 is nothing like strawberry soda!

Or if you want to find a local distributor, please contact the winemaker in France to see if your state has distribution.

Images from our walk through the mountain village near the winery:

To read about their still rosé that is one of our faves, head back to my February post. (scroll to the bottom of this mixed topic post)

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