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One Year: Wow, It Flew By

Oh. My. God. Where did the time go? One year and a month ago, I started Strong Coffee to Red Wine. I can’t believe that the anniversary passed already and I did not notice. I guess that is because my nose is to the grindstone. But alas, it dawned on me today as I was reflecting on some of the comments I have recently received regarding recent posts…

Ginger was thrilled to have found all of the Cariñena wines at her local Trader Joe’s and is having her own tasting party on Super Bowl Sunday while “the boys” watch the game.

Cariñena Wine Region to Watch


Last April I published a post about how I honor my deceased mother annually on Mother’s Day. And this week Gina shared how much she loved the idea.

mother's day
Mom & I on her last birthday when all her kids surprised her with a trip to New York to see Kathie Lee & Regis.

Stan and Marisa loved Rachel Ray’s “how to save the Chipotle Peppers in Adobo” hack that I shared.

veggie chili

And every couple of months I will get a comment from someone about last July’s “RIP Meomi…” Some love it and wonder why I said what I said; others are thrilled to know that they are not going crazy and that the wine did change significantly. 

We had two wine tasting in 2017 and one already in 2018. Each one provided a different tasting experience at various wine shops around Charleston. I am thrilled that at each one, thirty-plus folks joined me to expand their wine palate and learn something new. We tasted Italian wine at O’Hara & Flynn, Loire Valley wine at goat.sheep.cow.north and a Pinot Noir Tasting at Monarch Wine Merchants.


… that I was having an impact. In just one year, as I have grown my readership, I look at my subscriber’s email addresses, and I have no idea who you all are. That is so cool. (That said, feel free to share with me a little about you and what you want, need, and desire from this blog). I have helped many find new wines or turned “red wine only” drinkers into just wine drinkers. I can not tell you the number of folks that have told me that I helped them learn that rosé is delicious and not what they thought it was. Impact.

Now in the grand scheme of things, this impact is not changing the world order, but that is ok. If I can entertain you, teach you something about food and wine that you did not know, or just make your day easier, then I am super happy.

So thank you. I am truly humbled.

Reaching New Heights in 2018

one Year
Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

In year two, I will continue to taste lots of wine and share with you what I find. I will continue to create and modify recipes to make delicious food for your family. I will continue to share my Charleston experiences for when you visit, or as a local, you just need an idea. We will also continue to offer wine tastings in the Charleston area.

But I also have plans to help you track down wines you can not find, pair wines with food you plan to serve, create menus, and create itineraries to tour wine regions you plan to visit.

I am very excited to also share with you that in 2018, we will be having small group gourmet wine dinners, offering in-home wine tastings, and wait for it…… planning a small group, 5-day wine tasting tour in Northern California wine country.  I know, exciting and perhaps a lot for one year but I am jumping out of my skin just thinking about all this cool stuff.

Quick Favor

Lastly, I have a quick favor.  Please tell a friend about Strong Coffee to Red Wine. Perhaps you could email the link to one of your favorites posts to them. Share a post on your Facebook Timeline or your Twitter Feed.

OK, fine it’s two favors… Are you following me on Instagram?  This is the social media platform that I focus on the most. Yes, I am on Facebook and Twitter, but it is all so much to keep current. So I have chosen Instagram as my primary Social platform. Please follow me here as I post wines on IG that may never make it to the blog.

One Year One Year


Wow, one year, sure flew by!

one year time flies

That is all for now.





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  1. Congratulations on your first year blogging. May it be the first of very many.

    Instagram, huh? All right. We’ll follow you as soon as we get our account up and running.

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