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Obviously Different: A Child & A Wine

All About You: An Adopted Child’s Memoir

Obviously DifferentImagine looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing that you look nothing like anyone in your family. And when you ask, all you get is lies. Imagine seeing that your parents treat you differently than your sibling and when you call it to their attention they lie. You can see that you are obviously different, but your family and your entire community lies.

Obviously Different

Side note: Liz and I have been “photographer friends” for several years. When we would run into each other around town or at photographer gatherings, we would chat and visit for a bit. We were friendly acquaintances that enjoyed seeing each other when we ran into each other. Life always took over, and we might not see each other for months or even longer but there was always a kinship. Then, I read her book, and the connection I always felt became cemented.

We Meet Again

Last week, I sat down with Liz at goat.sheep.cow.north to talk about the book while we enjoyed a glass of wine.  I intended to “interview” her, (I guess I thought for a minute I was a journalist too!) But when I walked up to the bar to join her, it felt different. It felt like I was catching up with my best friend from my childhood after years of not seeing each other. I knew her. I knew her secrets. I knew the road on which she traveled. I needed to see how she was doing. I wanted the latest updates. My questions went out the window, recording it seemed silly yet we talked non-stop for three hours. When I got home, Gary said he was about to call my cell as he was wondering where I was. I told him I just spent three hours with my friend.

Her Journey

This book chronicles Liz’s 30-year journey to find herself and her biological family.  It is compelling, heartbreaking, funny, sad and joyful.  Liz’s unrelenting tenacity allowed her to find her tribe, make her peace and live her life as an adopted child who now knows from where she comes. I really do not want to share too much detail about her story, so allow me to leave it at this.

When I was beginning to acknowledge that I was gay one of the most important moments in my life was when I found my community, my tribe and in a way my gay family. Realizing that I was not alone was critical to my growth to become the man I am today. Even though her search and mine for our respective truths were different, they were also very much the same. Anyone who has ever felt different needs to read this book. It may just encourage you to discover your truth.

Please read All About You: An Adopted Child’s Memoir. Paperback or on Kindle.

Obviously Different

Obviously DifferentObviously Different: A Hungarian Wine

While at goat.sheep,cow.north that evening with Liz, Trudy (one of the two owners) brought two bottles of wine to the counter and said, “You may want to try these.” When she makes a statement like that, unless it will break the bank, it is done. She knows that I am always looking for something unique and different. And that only ten cases of this wine made it to the United States and that she got four of those cases.

She said that Roland Velich of Moric Wines is hard core about making wine from grapes like Furmint and Blaufrankisch that have fallen out of favor with today’s winemakers. So he teamed up with Atilla Hammona in Hungary to make this wine. They are using some of the oldest Furmint vines in Hungary. It is indigenous to Hungary and one of the oldest known varietals in the world. Their names, the grapes, none of it sounded familiar to me. She might as well have been speaking Hungarian. As I looked at the label, I did not recognize anything. This wine is obviously different. I had no idea what to expect. But I trust Trudy to give me an experience. I said, put these on my bill.

This bottle is one of those wines.

Sidebar: Ever since I researched the correct temperature to drink different wines I have become a bit obsessed. I have been known to get out my laser gun thermometer to see the temperature of my wine. {Gary rolls his eyes}

NR1 Tokaj, 2015 Furmint

On Tuesday my sister was stopping by, and a friend was coming over for a post-hurricane glass of wine. This was the evening to pop this bottle. As I pour the first glass, I can see that it is rich, golden wheat in color. I shoot my laser into the glass, and the wine is way too cold, but I sip anyway. It was a mouthful of sour – a clear sign that the wine is too cold.  So I wait.  Once the wine warmed to 48-50 degrees, I pour a glass for my sister as I wanted her to try it. My friend is drinking red and Gary a rosé so this was to be for my sister and me.

The nose or smell of the wine was of an amber honey. It was very pleasing to me. On the palate, it is acidic in a way that affected my tongue specifically but not my entire mouth. I loved the sensation. I tasted the honey that is on the nose as well as lemon. It is certainly a taste profile I have never had before, and I am intrigued. My sister, on the other hand, was not a fan and she passed her glass to Gary. He was also not a fan, but I am not deterred. I liked it and that is all that mattered. As the evening progressed, I allowed the wine to continue to warm to room temperature.

Each glass was better than the one before. The lemon taste faded into the background, and the honey became more pronounced. I am glad that no one else liked it because that meant more for me!

Find A Bottle

If you want to try this wine get you will need to go to goat.sheep.cow.north. If you are not in Charleston, I included the back label so you can track a bottle down by contacting your local distributor through Once there put your cursor over the About Winemonger Tab on the right of the page.

obviously different obviously different

Well, that is all for now.



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  1. Definitely putting her book on my Good Reads list! Sounds very compelling!

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