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Milestone and Marriage


Yesterday was a big day for me.  In the last 30 days, I had over 4,000 page views in the USA from 49 of 50 states.  These views came from 2500-ish unique visitors.  Not to mention an additional 153 page views from 32 countries around the world. (Yes, I imagine that some of those are spammers hoping to break into my site, but still!)

This milestone is huge for me, and I have to thank my neighbor and fashion blogger Natalie.  She made a mention of my blog and subsequently re-posted two of my recipes on her blog, Designer Bags, and Dirty Diapers and the response was phenomenal.  I picked up some new subscribers but also saw what it is like to have real traction online which made me hungry for more.  June is my six month anniversary since I started this endeavor.

To celebrate, I have a favor…

Please tell just one person about my blog and ask them to become a regular reader.  Choose someone because they like wine or food recipes or even both. Maybe they want reviews about the places I try in Charleston.  The easiest way for them to become a reader is to subscribe. Maybe I can double my readers by the end of the month.  Thanks.

Marriage Milestone

The anniversary that I mentioned back in April is just around the corner.  In 10 days, Gary and I will be celebrating our 29th anniversary as a couple.  It has been 29 consecutive years as we never broke up.  Even though 25 of those years weren’t legal… we were still married in every way except with Uncle Sam. I am so privileged to reach this milestone in our lives.

At this point in our lives, we usually do not buy each other gifts of significance.  We have what we want, and given that we need to fix the ceiling and paint the walls in our kitchen and we need to replace our ancient dishwasher whose wheels have actually fallen off the track, I imagine we will look at each other, and say “I Love YOU”.  Then I will say, “I got you a new dishwasher for our anniversary,” and Gary will say, “I got the kitchen fixed up and repainted for our anniversary”.  And that will be it.  But for us, that is all we need.

Will they make it?

As a wedding photographer, I have witnessed hundreds of couples get married.  I have been asked, can you tell which ones are going to make it?  My answer is always the same; I have no idea.  Some do, and some don’t, but I want them all to make it.  I have had couples not make it through the first year as they split up as we are working on the wedding album. I have to imagine that they got married for all the wrong reasons that became glaringly apparent once the deed is done.

But for those that do make it, in the beginning, there will be flowers and jewelry and lingerie for her and 25-year-old scotch and Nicks tickets for him as you tick off your years together. There will come a day when you realize that none of that will matter.  Spending your life with someone you love is a privilege that one should never take for granted.  You have each other, and that is all you need.


As I celebrate my marriage, please allow me to share with you images from some of the weddings that I captured this Spring.  I wish these couples all the happiness and joy they can imagine. And may they reach that milestone when they look him or her in the eyes and know, that is all you need.





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  1. France

    I have Natalie to thank also for introducing me to your wonderful blog! I so look forward to reading your wine picks, recipes, and your personal posts are just so sweet.
    Lots of love from NYC!

  2. Lauren

    I also found you from Natalie’s blog – love the recipes, keep ’em coming! Happy early anniversary!

    • Thank you! Natalie is an amazing neighbor.

  3. Melissa s

    Love your blog! Keep it up!!

    • Thank you so much. You all inspire me to keep going!

  4. Sylvie

    Thanks for sharing your stories, recipes, and great wine recommendations. I’m glad Natalie mentioned your blog on hers; I’ve been a loyal reader ever since.

    Happy (early) anniversary!

    From a reader of Canada’s East Coast (New Brunswick)! 🙂

    • This puts a huge smile on my face! Thanks!

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