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A Trip to Trader Joe’s & a Mea Culpa

And so we shopped

Most of the wines I blogged about last week were either hard to find or marginal at best.  Mea culpa, mea culpa!   So this past weekend we did some serious wine shopping.  We had been lax in our wine purchases because our 60 bottle wine fridge stopped working before the holidays.  And we just did not have a chance to research for a new one.  We took care of that on Friday and are now stocking up for when the fridges arrive.  Yes, I said wine fridges…more on that next post.  So like I said, we shopped!

Bottles Superstore

Three stores in all, we first went to a regional store in neighboring Mount Pleasant called Bottles.  We have heard others talk about this store so we thought we should check it out.  This was our first and more than likely our last visit.  They call it a superstore and in our humble opinion it was not all that “super”.  Like most stores that try to cater to the biggest audience possible the selection is wide but not deep.  The bottom two shelves are “grocery store” wines which is great if you like those but not to be one of our destination stores.  We wandered the have of the store allocated to wine and was never greeted by a store employee even though they were all standing around talking to each other.

An outside wine rep stocking shelves on the other hand saw us and went and got someone for us.  We asked the store clerk about the wines we drank last weekend at Indaco even providing him with the name of the distributor and his comment was “never heard of it” and walked back to his conversation with other employees.  There was no offer to make a callTrader Joesmea culpa and see if they could special order it…. nothing.  And can you say condescending.  I think, yes we can.  That spoke volumes and we heard him loud and clear.  While I should have left our cart and walked out we did buy the two selections we had previously picked out and we left never to return.  I do not know about you but customer service is key.

Trader Joe’s

The next stop was Trader Joe’s also in Mount Pleasant.  Gary likes to see what they have other than “three buck chuck” since most of their wine selection is under $10 bucks. We bought several bottles but have only tried two of them.  The first was Trader Joe’s Pinot Noir Edna Valley Reserve Lot #95 2015 at $9.99.  I love Pinot Noir and at $9.99 that is considered a high price for TJ wines.    An aroma of dark cherries hits your nose.  Now put it down and let it rest to calm the acid that may make you pucker.  It will mellow.  You will also discover some spice coming through.  I could drink it again but would not go out of my way to keep this on hand.

At the recommendation of a TJ employee, gary picked up the Les Portes du Bordeaux Rosé 2015. In typical Trader Joe’s pricing this wine sold for $6.98.  We both figured what is the worst that could happen for $7 bucks.  It had nice color and from a well known region in France, although not the south of France where the best rosés come from.  This wine too has a very high acid content that makes you pucker but was still quite pleasant.   This is not a rosé I would drink now (SC winter) but would definitely drink starting in April and May when the temps are in the 80s and higher.  Both of these wines should be available nationwide at a Trader Joe’s near you.

Our third store was The Wine Shop picking up our usual order.  So we now have lots of wine to talk about as we move forward.

So as we move forward, I hope a mea culpa may be unnecessary because we have lot’s of wines that you should be able to find.

OMG TJ, I love you!

trader joesswedish delightBefore the holidays I had gone to Trader Joe’s.  It is where I get bread.  While shopping I stumbled upon Trader Joe’s  Seville Orange Marmalade.  For those not familiar this is made from bitter oranges.  It is still sweet because of the sugar added less sweet than American style marmalade.   I love this and have not been able to find locally or affordably.  I am beyond thrilled to find this.

The other find is Trader J’s Organic Holiday Fruit Spread.  Now before I go any further…. get in your car and get to your Trader Joe’s right now!  They still had some on the shelves here in Chucktown so they may have it at your local Joe’s as well.  My guess is they are blowing thru stock until it’s gone.  Go.  Go now before it disappears until next year.   I bought 4 jars.  It is an incredible blend of plums, apples, and cranberries spiced with cinnamon and clove.  Amazing.  You must try! I get that cranberries are seasonal but I can eat this year around.  My favorite open-face sandwich is from my time in Sweden as an exchange student.  It is bread (or toast), butter, a stinky cheese and jam.   EAT IT!  What are you still doing here…. Go now!



little Big Thinglittle big thing
little BIG thing

This is a confession that many may find disgusting but I am sure I am not alone here.  I do not know about you but I HATED flossing my teeth.  For years I chose to floss occasionally or not at all until it was time to go to the dentist.  I blamed it on many things mainly getting my large hands into my mouth.  Of course,  after not doing for a while the gums would hurt and bleed… not pretty.  While I brushed with my Sonicare I knew it was not enough.  Needless to say my dental appointments were not the most pleasant as I always had “issues” with plaque and bleeding gums. 

I tried the floss pics but they were the wrong angle and I also  still had the “hand in mouth” issue.   That is, until I found this  The Listerine Flosser and it changed my life.  I have been using it for a few years now and my dental appointments have been perfect and the cleanings quick.  If you are like me and hate flossing, you really need to try this.  It used to be branded REACH so if you have that one, it is the same and replacements will work.  It is  out there but this is what I use and you can always find it on Amazon at a variety of prices.  This saved my mouth!

Coming soon:

Is the olive oil you buy, really EVOO or even all olive oil?

Why are my kitchen knives so dull so fast?

Coffee, I love coffee!

Same flavor profile, similar style but several price points.

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I hope you are enjoying my posts.  This is a learning process.  Am I writing too much or not enough?  Is it of interest?   I know that one reader ordered my first little BIG thing, the dish scrubber because she was just experiencing the same issues as me.    But what about you?  Feel free to leave a comment or two.

I want you to enjoy my posts and I want you to spread the word.  Please share this blog with your friends.  Tell them about it.  Share a post that you think they would enjoy.  Spread the word.  Thank YOU!



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