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Looking Back at 2018

Well, the family Christmas tree at my sister’s house came down yesterday which officially marks the end of the holidays for me. Holy cow, our celebrations were so much fun. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family and many fantastic friends that put a smile on my face and joy in my heart. Looking back over the past year has reminded me of the highlights of a great year.

Looking Back: 2018 Highlights

Somm School at Edmund’s Oast Exchange

looking 2018

Last Spring I went to Somm School at Edmund’s Oast Exchange. This entry level class was the perfect way for me to refresh my knowledge and my senses to the world of wine. Each class we sampled two white wines and two red wines from the region of study for that week. I met some fantastic people, tried great wines and learned a bunch that I did not know already. I loved doing this class and highly recommend it to others interested in learning.

looking 2018

The course is on Saturday mornings for fourteen weeks. It is only $20.00 per class, and the next term starts in a few weeks on January 26th. Go to the EOX calendar page and look for me studying two glasses of white wine. Those are the dates of the classes this term. You can sign up for a single class (if available) or the entire set.

WWET Napa Valley

Probably the most exciting opportunity of 2018 came when I was chosen to attend the Wine Writer’s Educational Conference in Napa Valley last May. Being one of approximately 30 wine writers (many of whom are nationally and internationally recognized) was an honor.  Over the course of three days, we tasted wines from over 50 different wineries all from Napa Valley. In all, we tasted close to 150-200 wines, walked vineyards, and toured wineries that included barrel rooms and caves. The instructors were highly regarded experts of the area including its history, climate, geology, meteorology, and more. We had sit-downs with the winemakers of many of the most famous and highly recognized wineries in the country.


With my blog being as young as it is while not discounting my wine knowledge and writing skills, I have to believe that it was I was at the right place at the right time to be included at this event. The 2019 conference event was just announced, and I will move mountains to be in attendance again this year.

napa napa

Me and Robert Sinskey of Robert Sinskey Vineyards


Podcast Guest

Another opportunity that came my way was being a guest on a couple of episodes of a podcast. It is called the Wine Writer’s Wrap Up produced by Dracaena Wines. It is always lots of fun, and I hope to do more of that this year.


Celebrated 30 years with Gary

Nothing more needs to be said. You read about it last June. But this is a significant success in my life, and so it needs another shout out on this list.

looking thirty years

Bucket List Divas

I got to meet another of my Bucket List Divas: Kristin Chenoweth. This opportunity seems like it is a long time coming because she plays in Provincetown most summers and we can not seem to get there when she is performing her one night only show.

looking 2018

But that is all fine now because I got to see her in my hometown and met her after the show. If you have never seen her, she puts on an incredibly heartfelt performance that you will cherish.  After her first couple of songs, she stopped and said,  “Oh I am sorry. For all the straight men in the audience, my name is Kristin Chenoweth.” And she brought the house down.

 I Walked 547.5 Miles

I know for some of you this will not sound like a lot. But for me, this is huge as I could sit in my desk chair all day and never feel the need to move. So what happened that got me moving? I walked my sister’s dog each workday (averaging 2.1 miles a day). This brisk walk is good for her and great for me, so it is a win-win.

looking 2018

Favorite Wines of 2018

In 2018, I drank a lot of new wines. Most of them were incredible, but these four wines stood out as my favorites this year. I talked about them in past 2018 posts so you can go back and read all about them. In no particular order:

Luna Vineyards 2016 Estate Pinot Grigio, Napa Valley

looking #WIYG

Domaine St Cyr,  La Galoche Rosé 2017  Beaujolais

looking Rosé All Day

Ehlers Estate 2017 “Sylvaine,” St. Helena, Napa Valley


Smith-Madrone 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, Spring Mountain District, Napa Valley

looking smith-madrone

That is all for now.  Happy New Year.

Cheers to a prosperous 2019,



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  1. Damn. Looks like a pretty great year! You have a lot to be proud of. I’m excited to try all of those wines on your list, too! Cheers to an even better 2019!

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