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Lobster Lobster Lobster and More Lobster

As visions of lobster rolls danced in my head. Our trip to Provincetown started at 3:30 am on Tuesday. It was a long travel day hugging the east coast traveling in two planes and a boat to get from Charleston to P-town. But we arrived safe and sound twelve hours later, exhausted but here and ready for R&R and wine. Of course wine, always wine.  And yes, lobster!

After checking-in, we knew what we needed to do before anything else – get a lobster roll.  At this point this was more than an early dinner than the lunch we never had as it was already 4:00 pm.

We decided to mix it up this year and not go to Pepe’s which has been our first meal for the past 5 years and head to The Patio. It has a great outdoor space to people watch and if the amount of lobster in their Lobster Mac & Cheese is any indication this will be a fantastic roll.  And with two rosé wines on the menu we should each order one, it will be the perfect lunch, I mean dinner.

We started with a ceviche of the day which today was swordfish.  It had large chunks of fish and perfect acid. The fried flour tortilla chips served along with were nondescript but the ceviche was great. All warmed up we are ready for our roll!



Before I go further, these pictures are very orange because we sat at an orange table under an orange umbrella on a bright sunny day. It made everything very orange.

Oh, so not disappointed!

Wow packed full of lobster and just enough mayonnaise to keep it together all held together by the warm long roll. You can not see if from this angle but there is a huge piece of claw meat just waiting to be my first bite. It melts in my mouth and we are off to the races.


By the time we finished our meal we headed back to the B&B for happy hour. It is vacation, right?

Happy Hour

The house is filled with an eclectic bunch of folks and are quite a fun group. Everyone gathers in the lounge for the evening reception for wine beer and nibbly bits. The reception goes from 5-6 pm and the wine is from a local vineyard which we drank in the past. But as our palates have grown we now bring our own. Tonight we were drinking an ol’ standby, the Moulin de Gassac Rosè. There were about 10 of use who extended happy hour to happy three hours as we got to know each other and shared stories about past P-town experiences. At about ten when the young one’s were heading out to the dance clubs, Gary and I decided to call it a day. After 4 hours of sleep the night before, it was time.

Somerset Inn

While one of our new friends chanted for the sparkling rosè we had tucked away in the room we started our day with fresh blueberry pancakes made to order by innkeeper Bob at the Somerset Inn. This has been our Provincetown home for the past six years and we love it. There is always a smiling face here with nicely appointed rooms. It is located right on Commercial St in a quiet part of the central district. As such it is perfectly placed to get anywhere in town.


Rest and Relaxation

The rest of the morning Gary and I sat on the porch, drank coffee, people watched and read our books. Gary is reading Between the World and Me by Ta-nehisi Coates.

From Amazon:

Written as a series of letters to his teen-aged son, his new memoir, Between the World and Me, walks us through the course of his life, from the tough neighborhoods of Baltimore in his youth, to Howard University—which Coates dubs “The Mecca” for its revelatory community of black students and teachers—to the broader Meccas of New York and Paris. Coates describes his observations and the evolution of his thinking on race, from Malcolm X to his conclusion that race itself is a fabrication, elemental to the concept of American (white) exceptionalism.

Ferguson, Trayvon Martin, and South Carolina are not bumps on the road of progress and harmony, but the results of a systemized, ubiquitous threat to “black bodies” in the form of slavery, police brutality, and mass incarceration. Coates is direct and, as usual, uncommonly insightful and original. There are no wasted words. This is a powerful and exceptional book.–Jon For

Certainly timely given the racial tension in our country today.

I am reading an advance copy of All About You, An Adopted Child’s Memoir by Liz Butler Duren, a Charlestonian, and friend. Half way through it and am enthralled. I hope to be sitting down with Liz after I finish the book and talk with her about this memoir. I promise there will be more on this book once it is published.

Lobster 4 Lunch AGAIN

Another of our annual stops is to Local 186. It is an upscale burger joint where Gary usually gets the Lobster Sliders and I usually get the The Lamb burger with feta tzatziki. Oh no, not this year…. Gary orders the The Tuna, A Sushi-grade tuna tartare lightly seared, open-faced on a scallion pancake with wasabi aioli.  And me, I get the Surf and Turf, a US-Kobe beef burger topped with butter poached lobster and Old Bay aioli.  Both were absolutely delicious albeit mine was impossible to eat but trust me, I found a way.



The wine we paired with our lunch were fantastic. Gary had a Portuguese Vinho Verde and me a French White Burgundy. But it is late and I am running out of battery on the laptop. So I am bidding you farewell and we will share these wines on another day.

So that is all for now. Hope you had a fantastic day and I will plug in and enjoy the evening.




P.S. My apologies for my grammar. This laptop is rented and does not have the grammar software I use to catch my boo-boos.  Sorry.


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