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Living and Loving Lately

There has been a whole lot of living, loving, and wine-ing lately. Perhaps the featured image gives you a clue as to how I am spending my time. No, they aren’t all ours. Only one has joined our family. She is the big-headed pup on the far left that I am holding.  Her name is Aspen. And she is a handful and a half. But more on her in a bit. Let’s take a look at a couple of restaurant visits, a new line of throw pillows, and some wine we have samples recently.

First up: Living

A living room without throw pillows? I do not think so. Throw pillows are accent pieces that should be a part of your story. I want to help with that, so I created a line of decorative throw pillows that I am now selling in the store on my website. The pillow is 22×22 square with a removable cover.  You will find several designs, most of which provide a pop of color to any room, including Wine Style, Modern Abstract, Lowcountry, and Floral. Head over to the pillow store and check them out.

This is the wine barrel pillow.
Bryan and Craig are trying to decide which room to use these. Do you like the pillows on the grey sectional in the living room or the chairs in the sunroom?

Living with Decorative Throw Pillows – Other Designs

I am adding new designs every week, so be sure to stop back often.

Decorative Throw Pillow Decorative Throw Pillow

Next up: Loving

And Who Doesn’t Love A Puppy

Probably the biggest news is the addition of a new family dog – Greenbriar’s Aspen Hope. She is currently eight weeks old and is a bundle of joy. Yep, we say family dog. Technically she is one of my sister’s dogs. But I care for both of my sister’s dogs during the workday, as well as when they travel, etc. It is a great way to have a dog. Kind of like being a grandparent, you care and watch over them but send them home at the end of the day. It is a win-win. We get a dog without the expense, and my sister’s get doggy daycare with the PupDaddies!

Look at THAT FACE! This was the day we all went to the kennel and selected her from the litter of 7 girls and two boys. She was “the pick” of the litter. The breeder almost kept her because she is the archetypal English Labrador Retriever
Two weeks later, her mom and I went to pick her up. Yes, she is sleeping on my belly as we bring her home.

Living Her First Full Day Home

After a good night’s sleep, she is now getting comfortable in her new home. LOOK at that BELLY! Her nickname is H-A-C short for Hunk-a-Chunk! She is living large!
Breezy meets Aspen on this first day and runs to Gary for some love and affection. Gary assures her that she is still “numero uno!”
I do not think her back legs are attached. She cracks me up!
Four days later, Breezy still is looking for love and protection as Aspen tries to get her to engage.
Breezy is tolerating her in short doses.
Breezy shares the bed. Even if it’s only for a minute or two.
Aspen must be socialized with small children, so I take her to the neighbors for playdates.
The back yard fence is fixed, so today is day one exploring the backyard.
“If you are gonna lay here, you have to stop squirming.”, that is what I think Breezy is saying with her head placement.
I guess she squirmed too much!
And now the playing is non-stop.
Toys everywhere. Break out the wine. I need a drink too!


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