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Housekeeping, Don’t Make Your Bed, and My Fave Rioja

A Little Blog Housekeeping – 

I have gotten feedback from bloggers and several readers that my posts are too long and the subject matter is “all over the place”.  OUCH!, but hey, I can handle criticism when the intent is for me to improve.  Separately, I was also struggling with promoting my individual stories within a multi-subject post.  That caused some brainstorming and now I have a solution that will resolve both issues and give you the experience that you want.  Consider it just a bit of blog housekeeping.

Change is a Good Thing

First, starting in April, I am going to start blogging at least three times a week.  Each post will be more a focused single subject post that will allow you to do a quick read over lunch or with your coffee in the morning, etc.  As I get deeper into it, I may begin blogging even more often but each post will always be a quick read that you can come back to when needed.   I am considering creating themed days of the week as focused topics: Wine on Wednesdays so you have time to get to the store before the weekend. Recipes on Monday so you can use as a meal planner or idea starter for your food week ahead and Getting Thru the Day on Friday which could include Coffee, little BIG Things, Fun Facts, and Housekeeping stuff to make your days more manageable.

Once a Week or With each Post?

Now that brings me to my very first post when I stated that I would only email you once a week.  I have a way to do this for those that only want one email a week but I need to know what your preference is to make this happen and not email too much.  So to accomplish this I will be sending each of you an email with a question… do you want an email from me each time I post or do you want an email once a week on Friday?  I will then have two lists.  One that will get an email as I post and another which will get a notification for all of the week’s posts on Friday.

I have some work to do to make this happen and as soon as I do, please look for and respond to the email with the notification question.

In the meantime, let me know what you think of the blog so far and any ideas to make it better.   You can leave your suggestions in the comments at the bottom of this post.  Your opinion also matters!


To Make or Not Make… The Bed? – 

As housekeeping goes… making your bed is a hot button issue.  There are those that do and those that don’t and both groups hold strongly to their position.  Did you you know only 27% of folks make their bed themselves and another 12% that have their bed made for them.  Surprising;y, that is still only 39% of the population.  I thought it would be so much higher.  For the record, I am in the majority of folks that do not make their bed.  Quite honestly, I can’t be bothered.  As a child, my mom would tell me to make my bed and I always fought her on that and of course asked why? The answers were many but eventually turned to “because I said so”, but not before I would emphatically state, “I am just gonna mess it up again tonight!”.  My mom, may have won those early battles while I was young but I won the war.  I do not make my bed now nor do I plan to start.  OMG, I just became a nine year old digging in my heels.

While I thought I was being an anti-bed-making revolutionary. I was actually looking out for my respiratory health.  What ?   Can that be true?

The Bed Makers of America Unite!

I know what you are going to say. It is a great way to start the day knowing that your sheets are tightly tucked, the pillows billowy and plump and the comforter just right, perfectly falling to just above the floor. It is the first step you take of an organized and thoughtful day.  And yes, I have also read that a super majority (71%) of bed makers say they are “happy” versus only 38% of non-bed makers.   Ahem! – Causation not correlation… I am happy too.  So I am still not buying it.

Honestly, I do not find more joy jumping in a made bed versus an unmade bed.  Before I can fall asleep I have to kick and tug until all the sheets and covers are un-tucked so that I can freely move about.  I generally start on top of the covers and then at some point in the night or early morning unknowingly dive in and pull them up to my chin.  So all that effort seems for naught.  Then I stumbled upon an article that stated – don’t make your bed for your health.  It’s true!  It’s true!   My mother is rolling in her grave.

Dust Mites, Dead Skin and Sweat…Oh My!

Yes, I do love a Wizard of OZ  reference.  I want you to think about what happens when you sleep each night.  You sweat, some of you drool, and you flake… dead skin cells that is…by the millions.  As a result because of a great source of food and a perfect home, there are hundreds of thousands to millions of dust mites and their poop that accumulate in your bed as well.  When you make your bed every morning, you are creating a perfect environment for dust mites to flourish. Even if you do not think you sweat and flake when sleeping… trust that you do and when you wake up and immediately make your bed you are creating the perfect dark and humid home that dust mites love.  Let me be clear… I am not talking bed bugs… you can see them.  I am talking dust mites that are microscopic and within a few years can add 10% or more weight to your mattress.

Are you grossed out yet?  Yes…. good now let the sun shine, throw back the covers and let your sheets feel the fresh air and the sunlight that streams in your window.   Freshness is a virtue.  Ok maybe I am making that up.  But by throwing back your sheets you are allowing light and fresh air to dry away the sweat, toss off that which you flaked… thus freshening your sheets.  We also leave our ceiling fan on but that is just us.

dust mites
An actual dust mite…. a rash from dust mites………… and an army of dust mites that may have just caused that rash!


Asthma and allergy sufferers.

Even if you do not have a specific allergy to dust mites and their poo, they can still inflame your respiratory system and your sinuses.  So why risk it.  So to all those folks out there that have been looking for a reason to not make your bed, you now have it.  The war is over and you have a valid reason for the win!


Gary can’t stand getting in an unmade bed.  So to avoid divorce, we compromise.  Since I am last out of bed in the morning, I throw the covers and sheets back and let the bed air out.  When Gary gets home from work or just before he goes to bed (before me), he makes the bed.   Well, he makes his half of the bed tucking his corner with military precision and pressing the creases out of the sheets with his bare hands – embellished.  All while allowing my half to just fall neatly but untucked as it may, before I tear into it again.

I guess we both get what makes us happy.

Your truth….

I am not telling you to NOT make your bed…. I am just suggesting that you may want to wait until you get home from work after it aired out for 8-10 hours.


A Few Wines to Speak of – 

Something familiar, a discovery tracked down, and something very new.  All in all a great week for wine at Casa de DeanLink.

Seis de Luberri 2012

This red wine from the Rioja region of Spain is one of my favorite Spanish wines that I have come back to time and time again.  It is made from the popular tempranillo grape and is a wonderfully rich, delicious wine.  I find it very well balanced with plenty of fruit primarily ripe cherries with a spicy, earthy finish.  I can drink it anytime with or without food but it would go great with lamb or beef.  This wine is widely distributed so you should find in your area.  Locally, I found it at The Wine Shop on Lockwood for roughly $16.00 a bottle and you can go to for those that buy online for $19.00 a bottle.

Proprieta Sperino Rosa del Rosa 2015

Italian Rosé
Does this wine look familiar?  We talked about this wine several weeks back when we enjoyed it at Indaco, a local Italian Restaurant.  We liked it so much we tracked it down from the distributor and ordered a case from our local store. Case price was $17 per bottle. Even though it is the 2015 vintage we felt we had time to enjoy this wine before the 2016 is released.  Depending on the rosé it is advised to drink it within its first year.  Some may hold for two years but I would not keep a vintage longer than that.  Even then, like all wine it will change as it ages.  In this case there has been a color shift to be a bit orange but the flavor is still there.  We will look forward to trying the 2016 when it arrives.

This wine is dry and tart or as Gary would say “nice acid”.  I find it to be spicy and minerally and went well with pasta, with a pork tenderloin and on its own.

V. Sattui Gamay Rouge 2015

Are you looking for a great wine gift for the person who loves a sweeter wine?  If so, this is it!  This wine is direct from the winery only but was a real treat.  Our friends, Bryan and Craig take a trip to Napa every year and are always discovering new finds.  They have made some great friends in the process and this wine came to them as a gift.  They love sharing so they brought it over for Happy Hour on the porch before the cold front blew into town this weekend.  Bryan and I were particularly fond of this wine.  Found under the rosé selections this wine is clearly much darker in color that a typical rosé… thus the “rouge” in the name.  This was a treat but may not be for everyone.

The nose is fruity candy and strawberries.  You will taste the strawberries as well.  I thought strawberry fruit and strawberry bubble gum and Bryan said Strawberry Crush. There is lots of sweetness so for some this may be a dessert wine.   But it would be a great drink on a hot summer day and a perfect replacement for that mimosa you usually have at brunch.  Gary left his glass for Bryan and I to fight over…. which we did not… we shared.  Like I said this is direct from winery at $25.00 per bottle.

California Rosé



Not really a hit nor a miss.  Are they jumping on the the Australian’s 19 Crimes “criminal element” band wagon with a Mas Buscados (Most Wanted) red blend?  Not sure but this wine did not enthrall nor make me want more.  As we sipped and slurped, we all really had trouble even trying to describe this wine to each other.  Disappointed?….maybe.  We were hoping it could be our new low end every day red wine.  Alas we will keep looking but perhaps it’s right for you… at $10.99 you are not investing, you are looking for something that pleases your palate and while it did not please ours you will not break the bank to find out. So give it a go.



  1. Stan Foxworthy

    Thanks for another delightful installment Rick! I must be the odd one out, as I like having several small stories and insights in one post. It allows me time to focus on enjoying your writing instead of a quick skim and back to other things. Then again, I’m a photographer and enjoy wearing a Stetson fedora, so I take great pleasure in the everyday… (which has nothing to do with anything 🙂 )
    It’s early, so time for more coffee!

  2. carol boushee

    I am enjoying your blog the way it is. By the way, I have to make my bed everyday.

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