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I have done many things at goat.sheep.cow.north. I have gone to a wine tasting, bought several bottles of wine and a few blocks of cheese, and I have sat at the bar and had a glass or two of wine. But what I have not done is sit down at a table to drink wine and eat. So that is what we did last Friday with Liz and her lifelong friends, Diane and Stephen from Atlanta.

But first, know that goat.sheep.cow.north is three entities all wrapped into one location. It is a curated wine store. It is the best fromagerie and charcuterie (cheese store and cured meats & sausage store) in Charleston. And it is a European inspired wine bar/restaurant. But at the forefront of everything they do, it is about cheese.


The Wine

On this evening we were celebrating Liz’s book All About You  (which I shared with you last Friday) We started with drinks. Come on. How could we go wrong? They were all delicious; a beer – D’achouffe Triple IPA, a bottle of Turbullent Gamay Rosé bubbles, a glass of the Chateau Routas rosé and my glass of Dufaitre Prémices Gamay. The rosé is a classic French blend and just what Gary wanted. The pink bubbles I did not taste but the ladies that ordered it seemed to keep the glasses coming. And then there was my glass of Gamay. It was big and rich which was shocking as I expected something much lighter, but it was well balanced and delicious. I would have ordered a second glass but was encouraged to try something different. So I did.

The Switch

I switched to Camino de Navaherreros Garnacha (Spanish Grenache).  The room fell silent. Everyone seemed to be moving in slow motion. Angels sang, rivers stopped running, and I thought, damn, I wish I believed in heaven because if I did, this is what they would be serving. The look on my face drew the attention of everyone at the table. Just from my look, arms reached for my glass. They needed to taste what transported my spirit.

It was a mouthful of ripe red fruit, yet not sweet. Fresh yet also jammy and hugs your mouth. It was luscious and unlike anything I had tasted before. And then came the finish and it was long and dry, wiping the fruit off of every taste bud on my tongue. There is still a lingering memory of ripe red cherries dancing about so you take another sip and it all comes rushing back. But then the finish wipes it away, and you start all over again and again.

Honestly, it is amazing.This wine is sold by the glass ($12) and by the bottle ($40) in the wine bar. I do not know how much the bottle costs at retail because they are pouring in the restaurant, but if you want one “take-out”, I am sure that it can be purchased if you ask nicely. If you are not from Charleston, grab this label image and find this bottle. You will not regret it.  Imported by Rare Wine Company but here is a list of thier distributors around the country.

goat.sheep.cow.north goat.sheep.cow.north

The Platter

We then ordered a medium cheese & charcuterie platter. This is food of the gods, any and all of them.  And let’s be perfectly clear that the folks at goat.sheep.cow.north are not making these cheeses and meats or the accoutrements that accent each morsel of goodness. But they are masters at selecting and pairing the cheeses and charcuterie that will enhance your wines and give your mouth a ride around the world. If I could eat this everyday…. well, I would weigh a thousand pounds! But if I could, and I did not become a house in the process, I absolutely would.




The Croque

Five people and a medium platter and we quickly realize that this is our appetizer and we would need something more. Gary and I both had the Croque Monsieur. This is a French ham and cheese sandwich pressed between two slices of bread then topped with béchamel, which makes the whole thing creamier and better. It is then tossed under a broiler so that the cheese and bechamel are almost boiling and running down the side of the sandwich. Was I transported to my favorite brasserie in Paris, sitting outside people watching with the Notre Dame Cathedral as my backdrop? Not quite. But it was a great sandwich which I will order again.




This is a great place to meet up with friends and nosh and talk the evening away. If so inclined you can also head there for Happy Hour every day they are open from 3-6pm for $6.00 glasses of rosé. (we wondered why everyone in the place was drinking rosé)

The Place

I love this place, and if you have not been, you need to make your way there.  goat.sheep.cow.north is located at 804 Meeting Street Suite 102 in Charleston. Hours are MONDAY – SATURDAY 11am–10pm. PH: 843 203 3118.  There is street parking on Meeting as well as on Morrison, but you can also park in the Butcher & Bee parking lot. (no you will not get towed, it’s the same landlord)

That is all for now. So until next time.




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