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Goat Cheese Spread with Two Ingredients

Today, I have got the simplest goat cheese recipe for you. But before I get to that, I wanted to let you know that I am branching out a bit. As part of the Strong Coffee to Red Wine brand, I will be producing small scale, private, invitation-only wine tasting events from wineries that do not have retail nor on-premise wine distribution in South Carolina, but can be shipped directly from the winery. These are wines that you will never find unless you go to the source (the winery) either in person or online. And who wouldn’t love to taste a wine before you buy it to make sure it matches your wine preferences.

Photo by Alfonso Scarpa on Unsplash

Additionally, I am also offering my services to lead wine tasting parties of locally sourced wines in your home. This can be a blind tasting where you compete against for friends to see who can guess the correct information about the wines without ever seeing the bottle. It can also be a varietal tasting of various price points; a selection of Rosé wines from around the world; or an uncommon varietal tasting beyond the known standards. The options are as endless as there is wine and tailored to your specific goal.

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Goat Cheese and Sun-dried Tomato Spread

There are times that you need to make an appetizer, but you have no time to run to the store. If you keep these two staples, you will always have this quick and easy goat cheese spread. And it is ready in a few minutes.

This recipe has only two ingredients; goat cheese and Sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil and Italian herbs. Crackers or a sliced baguette completes this simple appetizer. So get out your food processor and let’s get started.


10.5 oz log of soft goat cheese
Sun-dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil and Italian Herbs, julienne cut

goat cheese goat cheese


Place the log of goat cheese in your food processor and pulse until crumbly. Add as many heaping tablespoons (not the measuring kind but the table kind.  I use four spoonfuls because my palate finds that to be the most balanced in flavor and color. Note: No need to strain off all of the olive oil as it is needed to help cream the spread.


Blend in the food processor until creamy. And that is all it takes. It is done and ready to serve with a great cracker or sliced baguette.

Simple. Two ingredient. Delicious.


That is all for now,




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